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November Reading Wrap Up

I truly feel like November barely even happened! It’s been a strange reading month for me, mostly very slumpy – I’ve been writing and editing a lot, which can make it tricky to read for fun, and I’m also just really exhausted in general. I’m actually going to put myself back on something of a hiatus for December – there are a few Christmas books I really want to review, and I’m looking forward to doing my yearly wrap up and favourites list, so I won’t be completely absent, but I’m hoping that taking the time pressure off will let me get back to just reading for the joy of it again. I’ll be popping in and out with the odd post, but don’t expect something from me every day! Taking a break worked really well to refresh me over the summer, and I’m hopeful that if it sets off a reading spark like September’s again, I could be looking at a great reading month to make one final push for the year’s TBR…

Anyway, let’s see how November’s numbers panned out!

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Blog Tour: A Restless Truth by Freya Marske

Having utterly fallen in love with Freya Marske’s writing in A Marvellous Light, I’m thrilled to be part of the blog tour for the second book in the Last Binding series, A Restless Truth!

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Catching Up on Erica Ridley!

Erica Ridley is one of my favourite historical romance authors, with her light-hearted tone and lovely characters, and she’s also super prolific. I realised recently that I had a whole bunch of review copies of her books waiting on my Kindle to catch up on! All of these were ebooks sent to me free of charge, but as always my opinions are my own.

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