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Review: Daughter of the Pirate King

Ever get those days where none of the books you have on the go are grabbing you, and you feel a bit fed up of reading? Daughter of the Pirate King was the perfect book to head off the start of a reading slump – exactly what I needed!



Book: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Read before? Nope

Ownership: Borrowed from Judith, but buying a copy as soon as I can!

When I say this book was perfect, I don’t mean it’s the pinnacle of all literature. It’s got a super-special, red-headed YA heroine who everyone instantly falls in love with, and there’s a few technical errors that need tidying up (wrong kind of its; wrong kind of chord). BUT. It was perfect in that I never wanted to put it down once. I read it in about two hours, straight through, and didn’t even get up to make a cup of tea. It’s fun, pure and simple fun.

So yeah, Alosa is the aforementioned daughter of the Pirate King, but she’s a god-damn queen in her own right. This girl kicks ass and then some. I long to be as cool as Alosa. When we meet her, she’s deliberately getting herself kidnapped, in order to pull off a long-game con, and it was impossible for me not to find her utterly charming. She’s clever and complex, with a chequered past and some daddy issues, which are touched on lightly, but are enough to give her some motivations and problems without dragging the book into misery memoir territory (though heads up for some physical abuse from both Dear Pirate Dad and others).

When things really start to heat up is when she meets Riden, the unreasonably hot first officer of the captain who ‘kidnapped’ her. I loved watching them spar! I’m a real sucker for ‘enemies who can’t help kissing’, so although the romance was a little predictable, I am ready to fight the author if these two don’t end up happy in the next book.

Oh, man. The more I write about this the more I’m grinning. Do you like pirates, sword fights, hidden treasure, and kissing? Just read this. It’s just great swashbuckling fun!

Five out of five cats!

5 star

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      1. It may be a little while yet… I was a little disorganized the last little while and, when I got organized I realized that I’d promised to read 43 books in the next 2 months…. Ha ha!! Just goes to show that ORGANIZATION IS KEY!! 😂😂🤤📚📚📚📚📚

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