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Review: Sea Witch

I love how much of a trend towards mermaid books there are this year! The Surface Breaks, To Kill a Kingdom, The Seafarer’s Kiss – all have a different take on mermaids, and Sea Witch is a great addition to the stack.


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Review: Ascension

When I saw Hot Key Books offering proofs of this book on Twitter, I thought it looked like a laugh – Love Island in space? Yeah, I can get behind a bit of summer fluff. But wow, this was so much more than that! It blew me away to become one of my favourite reads this month, and will probably be in my Top Ten of the Year!thumbnail_IMG_5845 Continue reading “Review: Ascension”

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Review: The Frog Princess Omnibus

I was browsing in The Last Bookshop in Oxford, which has an excellent 2 for £5 deal, when I spotted a cool looking purple book with a dragon on it. That turned out to be the third omnibus in the series, so of course, since I can’t start midway through a series, I had to search out the other two volumes on the internet when I got home! This first omnibus has The Frog Princess, Dragon’s Breath and Once Upon a Curse.

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Review: Lady Helena Investigates

While browsing NetGalley for something to read (because I clearly don’t have enough on my TBR as is…), Lady Helena Investigates caught my eye. As I mentioned in my review of Point of Honour, I’m not big on crime, but historical mysteries tend to get a pass because I enjoy the sociology aspect of them. So I requested this Victorian mystery, and it was lovely!

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