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Book Friends Pick My TBR!

An unusual second post from me today! I’m branching out from reviews to tackle my excessively huge TBR, which you can take a look at here. I’ve got so many things to choose from, I’ve started getting decision fatigue, so I asked my three closest bookish pals to help me out and choose a few things each that they’d like to see me read!

Judith of Chain Interaction

Judith and I have been friends for years in real life (we were each other’s bridesmaids!), and we’ve been swapping book recommendations since we’ve known each other. She thinks every book would be improved by adding more dragons.


In the Vanishers’ Palace

It’s only 180 or so pages, so very good for when you want something to tick off the TBR. It’s a nice introduction to the way Aliette De Bodard writes, so I think it’ll help you prioritise the other books of hers that are on the TBR. It’s a F/F Beauty and the Beast retelling but it’s also so much more than that, it’s got vivid description and it’s packed full of detail, especially considering the length. It made me very sad, but also very happy and I would be very willing to re-read it with you.

Tess of the Road

Ok, I can’t promise that I won’t have picked 5 dragon books. I’ll do my best, but they might all have dragons. This book is less dragon filled than you might think given the cover, but it’s one of the few books I’ve read that tackled the idea of writing a book about how women were poorly treated in a medieval society and still makes it feel like a truly hopeful and triumphant story. I loved this book and this is my copy and I will want it back at some point.


Ok, going up to the top of your TBR and choosing one non-dragon book. I just finished the sequel to this and it reminded me how much I enjoyed the first book. It’s filled with music, there’s a goblin king, there’s romance and sibling bonds and violins and I just remember it feeling very magical.

Daughter of the Burning City

Of all the vaguely circus-y books on this list, this is the one I’m most interested to hear your opinions about. I know some people who loved it, others who didn’t connect with it at all. You liked Ace of Shades so there’s a good chance you will enjoy this. Also it feels good to come full circle from you recommending The Night Circus to me all those years ago.

Spinning Silver

I know you don’t want to read Uprooted yet, and I respect that, so I’m going to recommend Spinning Silver instead. This was one of my most highly anticipated reads and I totally loved it when I read it. It’s got some cool takes on fairytale elements, more than one feisty female character who gives/takes no crap and it’s also a great winter read so better to get to it while it’s cold. [Asha: I keep putting off Uprooted as there is a theme overlap with my current WIP, but I know I will love it eventually.]

Justine of I Should Read That

Justine is a newer friend that I met through blogging (one more thing to thank Melinda Salisbury for), but it turns out that as well as living close to each other, we have tons in common, and now Judith, Justine and I meet up regularly to talk books, eat pizza and drink wine. She’s the queen of sci-fi and has two adorable cats who hate me!

thumbnail_image1 (1)Eye of the World

Wheel of Time is one of my favourite series ever (or will be when I actually finish it). Its a bit of a tough read for a modern reader, not only because it contains every trope of the genre, but also because Robert Jordan sucked at writing women. But! I think that you could like it due to your background of reading loads of 70’s and 80’s fantasy. Also I want someone to talk to about it. Please.


A school narrative, but with sexy murdery assassins! I think you’d love Mia and Mr. Kindly. This book is such a treat.

Record of a Spaceborn Few 

Because Becky Chambers. Need I say more?


My mum is the person who set me down this story-loving, book-hoarding path. We never meet up without swapping enormous stacks of books and at some point we should probably just swap Kindles for a few weeks! Fantasy is her genre, as it is mine, so anything she recommends is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit (even if she does occasionally make me read things with zombies in).


The Lions of Al-Rassan

Right. If The Lions of Al-Rassan doesn’t come off that TBR soon, I shall be forced to take action! [Asha: You can see I’ve already started it, but I put it down a while ago and got distracted, so this is a fair comment!]

The Eye of the World

Don’t get me started on this… (at least aim to have it tackled before the TV series is out?!) I know, it’s a major commitment.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

I can’t believe you’ve not yet devoured this (see what I did there?). Magical cooking. You will like it.

The Invisible Library, The Masked City, The Burning Page

Pretty sure you’re overdue for a visit to Cogman’s library, so maybe check one of these out next! [Asha: I honestly can’t remember where I got to in this series, so I’ve stuck them all in, as a reread won’t hurt!]


I’m really excited to get on with these! I think I should probably get started with The Eye of the World, since both Justine and Mum recommended it…

If you need me, I’ll be reading! I’d love to hear your recommendations from my list, too – leave me a comment and I’ll add them to the pile!

18 thoughts on “Book Friends Pick My TBR!

  1. I’ve actually been enjoying the first time reading of The Eye that’s appearing in instalments on Tor.com, it’s fun to see an opinion unburdened by the weight of knowing the whole series. Justine has nailed a lot of the issues, but I still think it’s worth it. And that she needs to finish it!
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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  2. Some interesting choices, can’t wait to see what you thought for these books! I’ve read Nevernight and Daughter of the Burning City and I really enjoyed both :3 I also want to read Becky Chamber’s books!

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  3. Yessss these are some great choices and I actually have a few of these on my TBR too! (Mainly books I haven’t got round to reading from subscription boxes!) Nevernight is my fave, I recommend starting there.

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  4. I love your friends giving you recommendations! Haha, and I love their descriptions of the books and your descriptions of them. I agree that dragons tend to improve life satisfaction. :)) Wintersong is on my tbr too, and I just added Tess of the Road! I know I’ve seen that cover before. It’s very distinct and interesting.

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  5. Hi love 😀 Your cat is SO CUTE. ❤ And eee, I have read a few of these books 😀 Tess of the Road was SO GOOD. And heartbreaking. And evil. And I loved every moment of it. And sigh. Nevernight. SO GOOD. But book two was not, haha 😉 Happy reading Asha. ❤


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