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Review: The Royal Art of Poison

I was so lucky to win a copy of this amazing book from Duckworth Books, as I’m a big fan of Eleanor Herman’s writing, and I love learning about the history of early medicine and cosmetics – especially when they’re actually poisonous!

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Review: A Dance of Water and Air

Yeah, no surprise, I’m still here for NineStar’s queer fantasy! A Dance of Water and Air looked really intriguing as I love elemental magic, and it’s got cute boys being cute together!

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Review: Girls of Paper and Fire

If you glanced at my Twitter even at all during the summer, you’ll know that Girls of Paper and Fire was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I was so lucky to be sent an ARC by the publishers, and it’s honestly taken me this long to sort my thoughts out coherently about it – but the main takeaway point is: it’s SO good.

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