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Blog Tour: The Hairy Hand

thumbnail_the hairy handMagical MG is my jam, so today I’m excited to be bringing you a blog tour post for a spooky, fun book full of treasure and humour!

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Book: The Hairy Hand by Robin Bennett

Read before: No

Ownership: Hard back sent by author for fair review. All opinions my own.

Release date: 19th January 2019. Amazon affiliate link here.

A scary adventure for 8 -12 year olds, full of jokes, magical familiars and a Dickensian cast. When Septimus inherits a magical, treasure-finding Hairy Hand from his uncle, life suddenly becomes a lot more exciting – and dangerous!

I’m all for mystical creatures, sudden magical inheritances, and kids in horrible situations learning how to live their best lives, so The Hairy Hand ticked a lot of my boxes. It pitches a little younger than the suggested 8-12 age range, but I think that it would be great for fans of Roald Dahl or Captain Underpants. The gorgeously made hardback is super tempting, and the book is well laid out, with black and white illustrations and pithy chapter summaries, so it will definitely be a hit with reluctant readers.

This book should absolutely charm younger readers with its wacky situations and silly characters. The Plogs are so horrible! They really reminded me of Roald Dahl’s Twits in their out-and-out meanness, so it’s really fun to see Sept getting his own back with the help of the Hand. While the phonetically-written accents take a while to get your head around, I bet they’d be really funny read out loud, so this would be a great story for shared reading.

I really liked the mythology behind the Hand’s existence, and I wish we could have seen it when it was a whole creature, not just a hand! But even reduced as it is, it still has so much personality about it – watching Sept learn to communicate with it in sign language was really good fun. And the magic it represents is so tempting – I hope in future we get to see Sept accepting his heritage as a warlock and doing even more magic.

4 star

About the Author

Robin Bennett is an author and entrepreneur who has written several books for children, adults, and everything in between. Listed in the Who’s Who of British Business Excellence at 29, his 2016 documentary “Fantastic Britain”, about the British obsession with fantasy and folklore, won best foreign feature at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, and his first book for young adults, Picus the Thief, won the Writer’s News Indie Published Book of the Year Award in 2012. You can find him on Twitter here.

As always, don’t forget to check out the other stops on this tour!

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