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Review: A Duke In Need Of A Wife

Today’s book doesn’t have the most inspiring title; after all, most of the dukes we read about in Regency romance are at least a little bit in need of a wife! However, don’t judge this by its title or rubbish cover – it’s actually a very entertaining story.

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Author's Note

TBR Check In: February 2019

Well, January seems to have gone by quickly! It’s been a great reading month for me, but that doesn’t mean I can take things easy!

Goodreads Reading Challenge


I read 47 books this month. That’s my best ever, I think! Since my goal works out to a book a day, I’ve been trying to build in a buffer on quiet days in case there are days when I can’t finish a whole book! Thus far, I’m very pleased. Comments of ‘HOW’ will be met with the answer ‘witchcraft’ – I’m sorry, I don’t know how, this is just how fast I read!

My Owned TBR

As of February 1st, my TBR page stands at 419 books. So much for reducing by 20 books from 395, that’s actually gone up by 24! This is mostly NetGalley books and trades coming in – I’ve bought very few books this month. I’d like to get this under 400 by 1st March. Continue reading “TBR Check In: February 2019”