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Review: The Time Travel Diaries

I was so excited when I saw Caroline Lawrence was writing a new book, because the Roman Mysteries series was one of my favourites as a kid. Really, they led me to get into Lindsey Davis’ Falco mysteries as a teen, and between the two, they’re responsible for my entire Classics degree. So when I heard about The Time Travel Diaries, I instantly knew I had to read this one!

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Review: Viper

Oh gosh, Viper was a book I fell in love with from the moment I first saw it. Things I adore on covers are intricate graphic design, metallic foil, and snakes, so this really hit the jackpot for me! Then I realised it was a swashbuckling, piratical adventure with fantasy politics and a kickass heroine, and I was completely sold.

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Blog Tour: Sapphire Smyth and the Shadow Five

Something a little different for you today – I have an interview with an author! Specifically, RJ Furness, the author of the Orgo Runners books (review here) and its related series, dissent – his new book, Sapphire Smyth and The Shadow Five, is being released in six parts. My interview is part of the blog tour to celebrate the release of Part One: Shadows, and I’m so excited – I love this book!

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Blog Tour: Ancestral Night

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Elizabeth Bear is one of my favourite authors. I loved Karen Memory with my entire heart (steampunk Seattle noir with badass lesbian prostitutes and giant mecha sewing machines – if you haven’t read it, you gotta!), and when I was lucky enough to meet her at a Gollancz event a couple of years ago, she’s just the nicest, funniest person and I kind of want to be her when I grow up. Anyway. I was thrilled to be offered a spot on this blog tour for her newest book, Ancestral Night, which is a huge, sweeping space opera. It’s SO good.  Continue reading “Blog Tour: Ancestral Night”

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Blog Tour: The Everlasting Rose

I absolutely jumped to take up the chance to be on this blog tour, because The Belles was one of my favourite reads last year, full of court intrigue, beautiful descriptions, and danger lurking under the prettiest exteriors. The Everlasting Rose picks up just where The Belles left off, and it feels as though you never stopped reading…

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Review: The Light Over London

I’m a big fan of Julia Kelly’s historical romance, which I discovered because she’s my friend Justine’s sister. However, I generally don’t like dual-timeline women’s fiction (did anyone else find this was all the historical fiction that was available in about 2008-2010? I got so fed up!), so I was apprehensive about picking this up. I needn’t have worried. Julia’s command of character and language is so good that I was hooked from the very beginning – The Light Over London is a really compelling story that I’m still thinking about, weeks later.

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