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Review: Descendant of the Crane

I was really excited to read Descendant of the Crane because of all the hype in the Twitter community, but it fell a little flat for me, which is a shame as I think some people are going to love it! (Also, that cover is amazing!)

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Review: Maddy Alone, Golden Pavements, Blue Door Venture

Today’s review is actually three mini-reviews! I adored The Swish of the Curtaina 1940s book about a group of kids and young adults who set up an amateur theatre company in their village, and these three books are sequels to that. I recommend you read my review of the first book first, as that will make this make more sense…

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What I Read In Japan!

So, I was fully prepared to come back from my holiday with an apology to my TBR for not having had time or energy to read anything… But, well, that didn’t turn out to be necessary. Over the last 16 days I’ve got through 30 books, which I’m really pleased with! Some of these will get full reviews, but for now, here’s a summary of what I thought.

The flight out:


I tried to sleep on the plane, I really did… But no sleep was to be had. Luckily, that means I managed 8 books on the flight out (and watched Zootropolis, which I really enjoyed!) Continue reading “What I Read In Japan!”