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TBR Check In: June 2019

This is so late! I can’t believe I totally failed to notice that June had started… Ah well, we can just pretend the 11th counts as the start of the month, right?

Goodreads Reading Challenge



Obviously this includes a bit of June as well, but I’m currently up to 218 books read this year, and 60% of the way to my goal, which is quite impressive considering we’re not actually halfway through the year yet… I was very excited to hit 200 books in May, which was dampened slightly by a Twitter altercation with a stranger who decided that I must be lying, or reading Mr Men books, but I was so pleased at the way the blogger community leapt to defend me. I love you guys.

37 books in May is a middling sort of month for me, but tomorrow (June 11th) is my last day at work so I’ll have plenty of time to get over 40 this month!

My Owned TBR

My TBR is currently at 562, because although I was very very minimal on the book buying, I was gifted a whole bunch of books as part of the Hugo Voters’ Packet, as I’m attending this year’s WorldCon in Dublin. There’s some stuff in there I’m thrilled to be able to read, but I’ve got to fit it in before the end of July, and it’s about 25 books, so it’s definitely some pressure. I did however knock the oldest 8 books off my TBR, which was great – it feels good not to have them glaring at me from the top of the list all the time…


NetGalley’s been bouncing between 110 and 120, and is currently sitting at 119 as I got approved for Queen of Ruin this morning! I reviewed 18 books in May, and was approved for 19. I have to work on this as a priority… but I did finally review my two oldest books on there, so that’s something!

Blog Tours

I’m surprised it’s so few as I thought I had more, but it turns out they’re all in July, so that’ll be a busy month!

23rd June – Gumiho: Wicked Fox review

29th June – Tabby’s Big Year review


I finished up 9 from the review copy pile last month, which I’m pleased about – I was aiming for 10, but it’s close!


We’re moving this summer, so I’m going to focus on reading a few books I’m not sure about keeping so that I can destash before the move. In a similar vein, I’m going to keep working through my borrowed books so that they can go back to their rightful owners! I’d like to get my NetGalley shelves under 100 but that’s definitely a long shot…

How was your May? Did you get much reading time with the bank holidays?

10 thoughts on “TBR Check In: June 2019

  1. I am so impressed by your a-book-a-day GR goal. I should try something like that, but it just seems overwhelming for me. I’m so sorry you found some haters on Twitter. And huzzah to the community for supporting you! I for one can’t believe in the BEST way that you are ahead of schedule! ❀ Congrats!

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