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Review: The Earl’s Countess of Convenience

Ah, Mills and Boon are back with another extremely literal title! This is a really great example of a Regency romance with a marriage of convenience – it really impressed me with its depth of character and sweetness.

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Blog Tour: The Kingdom

A fairytale theme park gone wrong, an android princess searching for humanity, and the seedy side of making dreams come true? The Kingdom is a brilliant mash up of sci-fi and fantasy that’ll get you thinking for sure.

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TBR Check In: July 2019

Halfway through the year already, wow. Anyone else feel like we need some spare months to catch up?

Goodreads Reading Challenge


42 books in June is pretty good going! I’m up to 247 books this year, which means not long to go until 250, and I’m nearly 70% through my year’s challenge with half the year still to go.

My Owned TBR

My TBR is actually lower than last month, hurrah! When I wrote my last check-in post, it was at 562, and now it’s at 558! It seems like a small dip when I got so much reading done, but at least it’s downwards motion (though I have to say, the postman hasn’t come yet today!). I think this was helped a lot by my book buying ban, and also because I’m moving house in the first week of August, so I’ve been taking stock of all my books. It’s become a bit of a habit to pack a box, and then quickly read something that’s been hanging about to see if I want to bother packing it or not! Continue reading “TBR Check In: July 2019”