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TBR Check In: August 2019

August is going to be a busy month for me, with a house move and WorldCon, so I’m hoping that I can still fit plenty of reading in, as the TBR’s getting a bit ridiculous…

Goodreads Reading Challenge


31 books read in July, which is pretty good, since I have barely read anything in this last week! That brings me up to a total of 280 for the year so far – I think I should be able to get over 300 by the end of August, which will be fun…

My Owned TBR

Between YALC, NetGalley, and a really great crop of review copies, the TBR is looking a little unsalvageable. It’s currently sitting at 603, and I know that there are books in the post. I’ve started a little hashtag on Twitter of #TBRShelfControl, where I’m making mini-TBRs to focus my reading, and to get some small victories – do join in if you’d like! I’m going to be trying my hardest to read as fast as I can, and also to pick off some of the shorter titles on the list just to get back down nearer 500 again. It’ll be easier once we’ve moved and I have access to physical books again, as I read on paper much more quickly than on screen. 



Oh NetGalley. I love you and I hate you. My shelf currently has 137 books I need to review, though about half have been read. I’ve been super lax with reviews this month.

Blog Tours

Just a couple of tours this month, and I’ve left the middle of the month free! These are all stellar books though so I’m very excited!

2nd – Mrs Sommersby’s Second Chance

26th – The Optickal Illusion

28th – How To Love a Duke in Ten Days

30th – The Song of the Sycamore


So, pretty much all the physical books I own are in boxes right now… It’s a Kindle reading month for me again! Please check out my TBR page if you want to recommend something to me – Kindle copies are marked (K) for Kindle or (NG) for NetGalley. And wish me luck getting back down from 600!

18 thoughts on “TBR Check In: August 2019

  1. I feel ya! I’m currently sitting with over a thousand on my TBR! Hopefully your #TBRShelfControl will help keep me organized! Mini goals are the way to go. Good luck with the move and all the unpacking that is sure to follow. 🙂

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      1. Oh no. That’s the kicker too, most of the books I own, aren’t actually marked on my GR TBR. I’ve been meaning to go back and add them all on there (the ones I haven’t read) but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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  2. I have almost 30 Net Galley reads. I’ve only finished 2 of them so far and at the pace I’m going in, I’ll only have 2 more finished by the end of August. Currently working on A Death in Harlem by Karla Holloway, The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman, and Bethlehem by Karen Kelly. Good luck!

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