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TBR Check In: September 2019

Autumn’s here! Ish. I’m feeling cold, term is starting again for my husband, and I am feeling the urge to get the big blankets out, so hopefully September will have plenty of cosy days for reading. I’ve been continuing to make small changes around the blog, to follow my design update – most noticeably, I’ve added a page for my blog tour calendar so you can see what’s coming up!

Goodreads Reading Challenge


We’re over 300! I’m considering upping my goal to 500 for the year, but I know that would be a bit of a push with the amount of trips to London I’m taking over the autumn, which are likely to wipe me out for a few days at a time. I think I’ll see how quickly I hit 365 and go from there. 

I read 26 books in August, which is my lowest month all year (none of the others have even been under 30!). I didn’t read at all the week of WorldCon, and then I had one of the worst CFS crashes I’ve had in a while, so I probably didn’t read for about 12 days total. Still, I’m pleased I got anything read at all, and I did manage to tackle some big chonks (my last book of the month was Collision, at 776 pages in paperback!).

My Owned TBR

I finished 3 lists for #TBRShelfControl, which meant 18 books down, but it only seems to have counted as treading water! The owned TBR is up to 635, which is shocking, and even higher than last month. I did only buy two books I hadn’t read in Dublin (and a couple of hard copies of Kindle books I loved), but I’ve taken on some work (which I talk about below) that added 20 books to the shelf. I’ve also been very lucky with copies from publishers this month, and though I thought I’d done well at staying off NetGalley, I had a fair few older requests be approved. Someone help me! Anything off the list you particularly recommend?


149 books are awaiting review, which is dreadful. I’m past the ‘oh no how terrible haha’ stage and into just being overwhelmed. I was approved for 18 books in August, and submitted a meagre 5 reviews. I’ll be doing a few quick rounds of #NonStopNetGalley over September, I think!


I’ll be taking part in @niffler_reads’ and @_laureads’ Hogwartsathon this month, a Harry Potter themed readathon with 8 prompts. I’ve made a TBR over on Twitter, which overlaps a bit with my general TBR, but also includes Roar by Cora Carmack, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (as part of my annual Harry Potter reread!).

Blog Tours

In September I have just two blog tours so far! I’m so excited for the 23rd, which is going to be a bumper day of awesomeness as I kick off two tours for books I’m really looking forward to!

23rd – A Little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie

23rd – The Colour of Death by Elizabeth Davies


I’m currently reading through Tessa Dare’s back catalogue to provide content warnings for her, so I know I’m going to be reading The Duchess Deal, Do You Want to Start a Scandal, When a Scot Ties the Knot, Lord Dashwood Missed Out, and Say Yes to the Marquess. I’m excited!

I’ve also put together a list of Kindle books with covers that remind me of autumn (hey, it’s as good a way to narrow it down as any!):


And then for physical books, I’ve got some review copies and backlist books with amazing covers:


And some books that just caught my eye while I was scanning the shelves!


Looks like it’s going to be a fantasy and romance heavy month (when isn’t it?) for me! Wish me luck! Think I can make this my best reading month of the year so far? I’ll have to read 50 books to beat April…

21 thoughts on “TBR Check In: September 2019

  1. I’m still amazed by the amount of books you get through a month. I’m lucky if I get anywhere over 7! Anyway, I’d be intrigued to hear your thoughts on A Secret History of Witches, and The Last Spell Breather, both of which are on my TBR too.

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  2. Over 300 books read so far?!?! That’s amazing. I feel you on the TBR backlog. I have over 320 at this point in my TBR jar and I’m hoping doing a jar helps me get through it. Good luck in September!

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  3. Wow, so many beautiful books! 😀 I can’t believe you’ve got 149 reviews on NetGalley waiting! 😮 I thought my having 6 overdue books was bad, lol 😂😂


  4. Oh my gosh! I loved The Last SpellBreather, The Magical system is just so different and unique in it!
    I managed 36 books this month which is HUGE for me, I expect to make it maybe half that if I’m lucky this month as it’s time to get back into a learning rhythm with the girls and Tinyfae has expressed a desire to learn to read!! (I’m not being pushy but I don’t want to miss the motivation either)

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  5. “I might increase my goal to 500” omg Asha.

    I had a quick look through your TBR, and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Rebel of the Sands and the sequels. I’d also HIGHLY recommend getting rid of The Smoke Thieves because it was bloody boring.

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