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Review: Little Puggle’s Song

I love an echidna, so I was over the moon when New Frontier Publishing offered me this beautiful picture book featuring one of the spiny little fellows!


Book: Little Puggle’s Song by Vikki Conley, illustrated by Hélène Magisson

Read before: No

Ownership: Review copy sent free of charge by New Frontier Publishing. All opinions my own.

This story is a really sweet tale of a baby echidna who wishes he could join the bush choir, but despite his best attempts, he still can’t make a sound! At first it’s sad, but as the story progresses you see that it’s actually for the best, because he has other skills to contribute – this is a book that shows the power of playing to your strengths. Puggle doesn’t have to be exactly like the other animals to contribute, because he is talented in his own way. It’s really adorable.

The artwork is just my cup of tea, with gorgeous soft colours and loads of botanical detail. The book does a good job of showcasing different Australian flora and fauna, and Puggle in particular is really well-drawn. His expressions and body language are so clear that it’s impossible not to fall in love with him! If I didn’t already love echidnas, I think this book would be a great introduction to their utter cuteness. There’s loads to look at in every picture, and I’m really impressed by the way textures are shown – some of the birds look so soft. It’s really beautiful to look at.

I definitely think Little Puggle’s Song is a cute read, and one I can see being great for bedtimes, as it’s so calm and softly drawn. One for echidna fans and sweet story fans alike – five out of five cats!

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