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Review: Folk Magic and Healing

Many Comic Cons past, I fell in love with the art of Fez Inkwright (@rosdottir on Twitter), who combines beautiful art with folklore and witchiness, and is also a hugely sweet person. I have several pieces of her art up around my house, and I also bought her self-published book, Folk Magic and Healing: An Unusual History of British Plants. So I was thrilled when the last time I saw her, she told me it had been picked up by a publisher for a swanky expanded, hardback release – and even more thrilled when Liminal 11 offered me the chance to review the new edition!

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Review: Deeplight

I’ve never read anything by Frances Hardinge before, though I have friends who love her, so when Deeplight showed up at my door unannounced, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m glad I went into this without much information, though, because it’s a seriously strange and weirdly beautiful book that I can’t liken to anything else I’ve read…

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TBR Check In: November 2019

So you might have noticed I was offline for most of October – I announced a hiatus over on Twitter as I’ve been struggling with my health and needed a few weeks without the pressure of reviewing. Still, I’m back now, and trying my hardest to catch up – I have about a dozen reviews I’ve read the books for and need to write so I’m aiming to get my list clear in November, as well as several blog tours. I might be posting twice some days to get things up to speed!

Goodreads Reading Challenge


I made it! Despite a lacklustre reading month (my worst so far, at only 24 books), I hopped over the finish line of my Goodreads Challenge and have officially read more books than there are days in the year. #Hallowreadathon helped squeeze in three more before the end of the month for a total of 368 books. I’m not going to up my goal, just keep reading and see how far I get in the next two months. Continue reading “TBR Check In: November 2019”