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Review: Little Robin Red Vest

Looking for an adorable Christmas read for young children, full of warmth and kindness? Little Robin Red Vest is a gorgeous picture book that should hit the spot perfectly!


Book: Little Robin Red Vest by Jan Fearnley

Read before: No

Ownership: Review copy sent free of charge by Nosy Crow. All opinions my own.

This particular edition of Little Robin Red Vest is new, to celebrate the book’s twentieth anniversary. It’s really gorgeous, with a silver-foiled snowy cover and nice large, thick pages. The story follows a kind little robin with a natty array of knitted vests, as he comes across other animals who need warming up, from a frog to a baby otter! The art is absolutely lovely, with all the animals feeling full of life and the snowy landscapes drawn simply but evocatively. The page with the squirrel curled up in his drey is one of my favourites – it’s so cosy and sweet!

The colours of the vests and the countdown as Robin gives each one away should be really captivating to kids, and the message of kindness and selfless giving is an important one, well delivered. There’s no preachiness – Little Robin is just a genuinely nice person, helping out his friends and neighbours with no thought of any benefit to himself. It’s really heartwarming, and lovely to see him get a treat himself at the end.

This would be a perfect book to pull out Christmas after Christmas – I’m already really looking forward to reading it next Christmas! Five out of five cats!

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