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Review: Snooze

Today I have a review of a sweet and funny picture book that offers a self-help guide for any little owls trying to get a good night’s sleep!

Book: Snooze: A Helpful Guide for Sleepy Owls by Eilidh Muldoon

Read before: No

Publication date: August 14th 2020

Ownership: Review copy sent free of charge by Little Door Books. All opinions my own. 

Snooze caught my eye on Twitter because of the adorable artwork – the owl’s eyebags spoke deeply to my own exhaustion! This is unlike any picture book I’ve read before, since it doesn’t quite tell a story exactly in the text, but offers tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, from making sure it’s quiet to having a cosy place to rest. However, the illustrations definitely tell a story, as we follow a very sleepy owl as they read the book and try to implement the advice, with varying levels of success! The sleep tips in the book are all really helpful, and would be a good way to reinforce the idea of good sleep hygiene and a proper bedtime routine for little ones. It’s still entertaining to read aloud, though, as the owl’s noisy and distracting neighbours give some really funny moments – lots of animal noises to make, which might be a little too exciting for bedtime!

I really love the art in this book – it feels very relaxed and simple. Everything looks beautifully textured, from the  scribbly elements of the wings evoking feathers, to the thick lines of the owl’s eyebags, to the gorgeous long-distance view of fields and hills, all picked out in different colours and patterns. The colour palette is mostly limited to soft oranges, yellows, and teals, with a few other accent colours – it’s really gentle on the eyes and very attractive.

This is a lovely little read and would be perfect if you have your own little night owl who needs some encouraging to tuck down. Four out of five cats!

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