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Announcing the #Hallowreadathon!

As autumn approaches, so too does Halloween – one of my favourite times of the year! And even though we probably won’t be able to get out and party in person, Imogen’s Typewriter and I have got you covered for a fun bookish time with the seventh annual Hallowreadathon, running from 30th October – 1st November! This is my second year helping the lovely Imogen host her brilliant readathon, and I’m so excited to show you the prompts we’ve cooked up for you in our cauldrons, so read on to find out what’s on the cards for this year…

1. Read a book featuring an important house!

Of course, we have no idea how the world will be by Halloween but personally we’ll be staying home. And how better to make sure our socially-distanced Halloween is as scary as possible than by reading a book where the house is an important part of the story! This can obviously range from a cosy closed-room mystery, to the kind of gothic horror that will make you jump at every creak of a door and scratch at the window. Is it just a branch in the wind? Or something more nefarious? Curl up under a blanket and read instead of going out to check!

2. Read a book that’s been haunting your TBR!

You know the book. It’s been sat there and every time your eyes pass over it, there’s a shiver up your spine because you know it’s been there for way too long. Maybe you’ve picked it up a couple times and never made it past the prologue. The way this book is haunting your TBR is up to you,  this is your push to read it!

3. Read two books!

Despite extending the readathon to three days, we still want it to be a relatively calm experience. It’s been a weird year! Curl up with some cocoa, a cat on your lap, and eat all the candy yourself while you lose yourself in two wonderful stories.

Keep an eye out for updates by following the @Hallowreadathon twitter, and check back for recommendation posts on both our blogs (I have so many great witchy recs for you, across all age ranges!). Hop on over to her blog for her announcement too, and remember to keep some reading time free on the 30th October – 1st November. I really hope you can join us this year – let me know below if you’re feeling like getting your Hallowreadathon on!

30 thoughts on “Announcing the #Hallowreadathon!

  1. Oh I love that this is a super chill readathon for 3 days. If I am able to I will definitely participate. I need to start looking at books I want to read. If I do probably will aim to get audiobooks or novellas. I’m hoping I can!

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  2. ooh, I may have to give this readathon a shot! I can definitely think of about 50 books that have been haunting my tbr, lol. Also, in case I haven’t said it before, your cat is BEAUTIFUL.

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  3. Love that this lines up with the end of half term, a perfect excuse to chill before going back to work. I also have a lot of books haunting me so will be challenged to pick at least one.

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  4. Ahhh this looks like so much fun and honestly a great way to celebrate Halloween in the Weird Times of 2020! I love the prompts (especially the one about haunting my TBR) and how low-key it is. If I’m not watching horror movies, I’ll definitely try to participate!

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