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A Mini October TBR!

TBRs and I have a long history of not clicking. I’m a mood reader through and through, and really struggle to make myself pick up a book I’m not exactly in the right frame of mind for, so when I make a list I pick things I fancy at that moment, but they may not be what I want when I actually come to read. Trouble is, the only thing I’m really reaching for at the moment, as I mentioned in my monthly check in, is historical romance and middle-grade fantasy. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that at all – except that I have so many other brilliant books waiting for me on my shelves, some of which are due for review or need to be given back to the people I borrowed them from! 

I’m putting together a tiny list of books I need to make an effort to get to in the next few weeks. It’s tiny for two reasons – one, so I still have plenty of time to read as many comfort books as I fancy, and two, because two of them are well over 850 pages long. It’s not that these are books I don’t want to pick up – just ones that might require a little bit of discipline!

First up is the book I’m most excited for: Master Artificer by Justin Call! The first book in this series blew me away with its perfect mix of classic vibes and fresh takes on coming-of-age fantasy, and I made friends with Justin at Dublin WorldCon last year – when he offered me the chance to read an extra early ARC of Master Artificer there was no way I was going to say no! I’m really looking forward to this, but I’ll need to make sure I really make time to focus on it and give it its due. I’m tempted to reread Master of Sorrows to refresh my memory on it too, but that’s 2019’s 40-book-a-month Asha talking, not current sensible Asha… We’ll see.

My Life As A Cat by Carlie Sorosiak is a new standalone story, about an alien who accidentally ends up on Earth in a cat’s body and has to find his way home. Her previous book, I, Cosmo, really surprised me – I’m not a fan of dogs generally, but this sweet and heartfelt book really hit me. I’m only putting off My Life As A Cat because having read the first few chapters, I know it’s going to be an emotional read that’s going to make me weep – but I think I just need to jump in a hot bath with it and let myself cry!

Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire is one I borrowed from Judith at Dead Good Book Reviews. I’ve really enjoyed the Wayward Children series of novellas so far, but I just haven’t been up for a darker read, and since this book focuses back on Jack and Jill, who have one of the bleakest worlds of the series, I keep thinking it will be too much. But it’s only short, and I need to return it at some point, so hopefully I’ll have a day when I fancy something a bit darker soon.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini was a surprise ARC for me – it showed up unexpectedly and I hadn’t seen anything about it! I love the concept, but the reason I didn’t leap on it is just the sheer size of it – I can only read in short bursts these days, and I feel like sci-fi often requires more mental space to keep up with anyway. I’ve seen very mixed reviews of this from people whose tastes tend to align with mine, and I’m prepared to maybe DNF if it doesn’t grab me enough to make the length worth it. If I’m lucky, though, it’ll be a hit!

So, four books to focus on by the end of October. Wish me luck – and link me up if you’ve made an October TBR post!

8 thoughts on “A Mini October TBR!

  1. That miiiight be my copy of come tumbling down…but also who even knows where books are in this house not me! I am so envious of Master Artificer – although I am definitely due for a Master of Sorrows reread because I cannot remember anything except maybe something about medallions? If you ever need me to summarise the actual plot of TSIASOS rather than reading it I can do my best to weave you a (shorter) yarn.


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