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TBR Check In: November 2020

Well, October raced by, and despite a month of sleep deprivation, it looks like I got lots of reading done! I’m slightly dazed but very pleased!

Goodreads Reading Challenge

I actually managed to finish 31 books in October, which is fantastic! I must have slotted in a lot of reading time during naps, because the majority were even adult books, including three non-fiction books and one enormous fantasy chonk! I’m up to 276 for the year. I’m really hoping this is a return to form and I can keep this level of reading up – it will certainly help with the TBR, which is still needing a lot of intervention…

My Owned TBR

The TBR is down from 471 to 469, which is only a tiny bit of progress, and I decided for the first time to start tracking how many books actually came in this month, so that I can see how long they stay on the list. Between purchases, review copies, NetGalley books, and Kindle freebies, I added 55 books to my TBR this month. 10 of them I’ve already read, which is at least something, but I’m more than a little shocked! I have got to put the brakes on… maybe a book buying ban in November? I did do an enormous unhaul earlier in the month, and I also DNFed a lot of old Kindle freebie books, so at least the overall number has gone down, but I can’t believe how many new books that is (which is, to be fair, why I started tracking!).


I have 16 books awaiting review on NetGalley, and I submitted 17 reviews, so there’s actually been almost a total changeover of what the titles are! I’m most looking forward to tucking into Hit Me With Your Best Scot by Suzanne Enoch, which I was approved for this month – I loved the first two books in this series, It’s Getting Scot In Here and Scot Under The Covers.


Overall I think I read a very nice mix of things, though I’m still leaning heavily on historical romances as they don’t require me to retain as much information between reading sessions! I’m over the moon to see how much I’ve managed to read this month – here’s hoping it’s a trend that will continue… How was October for you, in terms of books?

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