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TBR Check In: February 2021

Goodreads Challenge

I read 27 books in January, which is a pretty good, if not spectacular, month for me! That puts me more or less exactly on track for that 300 in 2021, so that’s excellent. If you’d have asked me offhand, I don’t think I would have said it’s been a particularly good reading month, but I did have some wonderful reads, including two proofreads of forthcoming books that I’m very excited for. I also lucked out by reading a strong contender for favourite book of the year as my very first read – Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater was a great way to kick off January!

My Owned TBR

So, I’m aiming for 480 books by the end of March, and I’m going to be honest… it’s not going well. Over January my TBR has increased from 505 to 517. You may have seen that I’m now tracking the books that come in each week, and it’s definitely making me think twice about requesting and buying new books, so I’m determined that next month will be better. I also feel like an unhaul is on the cards…

Physical Review Copies

I spent some time this month making a much nicer spreadsheet for my review copies, and while that’s been really helpful, I’m sorry to say that this number has increased too, from 47 to 57. Eleven of those are picture or board books, so shouldn’t be too bad, but I do need to crack on with a few of these!

Book of the Month

January’s books of the month were:

  • Master Artificer by Justin Call
  • Heart of Stone by Johannes T Evans
  • Dead Man in a Ditch by Luke Arnold
  • Winterkeep by Kristin Cashore

and I did read the first two! I’m especially pleased I found time for the enormous chonk that is Master Artificer – I loved it (my review will be up soon), but I really had to sit down and focus on something with so many plotlines and characters. Even though it helped to have this mini TBR to focus on, I still found myself getting sidetracked over the month, so I think I’ll make it a little easier this month and just choose three. Dead Man in a Ditch and Winterkeep will carry over, and joining them will be Master of One by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett.

How was your reading month? If you have a wrap-up post, I’d love to see it!

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