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New Books from February 21st – March 6th!

I missed a week last week – life got in the way – but I only had a couple of things to show you, so I’m just going to roll them together into today’s post!

ARCs and Review Copies

Even and Odd by Sara Beth Durst

I enjoy Sarah Beth Durst’s writing in all age brackets, so I’m looking forward to this middle grade fantasy I picked up on NetGalley, which follows twin sisters on a magical quest. It promises wizards, unicorns, and a portal to another world, which is definitely a recipe for a book up my street!

The Way of the Argosi by Sebastien de Castell

This is the prequel to one of my favourite YA fantasy series (check out my Spellslinger review for more about that). We know Ferius Parfax as the card-fighting, gun-toting, hat-wearing mentor to Spellslinger‘s protagonist, but in this new book we get to glimpse her youth and her first steps onto the path of the Argosi. I’m so excited – this is a NetGalley eARC but I will eventually be buying the hardback!

The Magic Place by Chris Wormell

The gorgeous cover of this book is even nicer in person – you saw this in my New Books post a couple of weeks ago, but David Fickling Books were kind enough to send me a physical copy ahead of the blog tour this week (my post is on Wednesday, so look out for it!). This combines two of my favourite things – magic and cats! – and is beautifully illustrated throughout.

For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten

Book Twitter’s been mad for this dark fairy tale-inspired story! It’s a hefty tome, so I’m going to have to plan when will be best to read it, but it looks really magical and very atmospheric – and I’m always up for a woodsy read.


Shadowfell and The Harp of Kings by Juliet Marillier

These two series starters are by one of my favourite fantasy authors, Juliet Marillier, and were kindly bought for me as part a trade I did on Twitter – I’ve been unhauling books left, right, and centre, and it’s brilliant to be able to swap them for things I know I’m going to love more. I’m particularly looking forward to The Harp of Kings as I’m always trying to find more books about bards!

Between Ink and Shadows by Melissa Wright

I know very little about this book, I have to admit, apart from the fact that I’ve been wanting to read something else by this author, and this is currently free on Amazon. But Regency-ish dark magic sounds fun!

The Time Travel Diaries: Adventure in Athens by Caroline Lawrence

This is the sequel to the fabulous The Time Travel Diaries, which I reviewed here. This was a belated Christmas gift (blamed wholly on the pandemic, not the person!) and I’m excited for more fun Classical adventures!

Purchased by me

Seven Ways to Kill A King by Melissa Wright

The second Melissa Wright book in this week! This has been on my Amazon wishlist for a while now, and I saw it had dropped to only 77p, so I snaffled it up while I could.

A Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova

Another book that Book Twitter has been going mad over – I’ve really enjoyed Elise Kova’s writing in the past, so when her newest fantasy romance dropped to 99p, I couldn’t resist!

Doing Time by Jodi Taylor

And again, this was a book that had been on my wishlist for a while, and I saw it had dropped in price – I’m a huge fan of Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St Mary’s, and while I haven’t yet started the spin-off Time Police series, I know I’m going to love it too, so I don’t mind getting hold of the paperbacks now.

Have you read any of these? What should I get reading first?

(running 2021 total: 97 books in, 68 read. TBR at 511)

7 thoughts on “New Books from February 21st – March 6th!

  1. I hadn’t heard of Between Ink and Shadows but it sounds great! Just added it to my TBR. I’m so excited for For The Wolf, I hope you love it! I wasn’t a massive fan of A Deal with the Elf-King tbh… Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah just not one I clicked with really! I didn’t believe the romance and that’s basically the whole premise so… Some people love it though, hope you have better luck!

        Liked by 1 person

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