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Kitten Corner: Ancient History

Just a few books today, but they all ended up on a historical theme! These are all perfect for slightly older readers as they have more delicate and intricate flaps and plenty of interesting historical info to learn – so let’s take a look! All of these books were sent to me for review, but that doesn’t affect my opinions.

Find Tom in Time: Ancient Rome by Fatti Burke

I’ve already said I’m a huge fan of this series (my review of Tom’s adventures in Ming Dynasty China is here, and Ancient Egypt is here), and I was really looking forward to the Ancient Rome book as that’s my area of expertise! This Where’s-Wally-esque book is a fabulous peek into the past, covering loads of different areas of Roman life in bright, chaotic detail with the added fun of looking for Tom and his cat Digby! You could pore over this for hours to find all the fun little tidbits hidden in the scenes – it’s a great addition to the series!

Curious Kids: Age of the Dinosaurs by Jonny Marx and Christiane Engel

This is a gorgeous book for dinosaur lovers – it’s full of pop-ups! It would be too delicate for really little ones (the back says 3 years and up), but if you have a kid who can be trusted with it, this would be an amazing gift. It has tons of dinosaur facts on each page (including plenty I didn’t know!) and the pop-ups really bring it to life, from velociraptors leaping out at you to the ankylosaurus swishing its powerful tail! The bright, blocky art is really enticing – I had a huge amount of fun with this!

The Mystery of the Golden Pyramid by Adela Noran and Aaron Cushley

This picture book is beautifully made! It’s part story, part puzzle book, and follows Sophie as she seeks out the amulets of King Nebra with the help of mysterious dog Ari – but you can help her solve the puzzles! This is the kind of book I would have adored as a kid – it’s absolutely full of fun details like being able to turn the pages in Sophie’s books, cut-outs that reveal codes when you flip the page over, and multi-layered flaps revealing different layers of a sarcophagus! It’s so ingenious, and would have had me absolutely hooked, so I really recommend to any young history buffs. I really hope Sophie has some more adventures!

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