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Kitten Corner: More Fabulous Flaps!

We’re still absolutely loving interactive board books chez Cup of Tea, so here’s a little round up of some of the newest flappy favourites on our shelves! All of these books were sent to me for review, but that doesn’t affect my opinions.

Where’s Mrs Car? by Ingela P Arrhenius

The latest book in the Felt Flaps series is another winner! These are so simple, but so well-executed, with five large and tactile flaps that babies will love to grab. This one, as you can probably guess, features an array of cute vehicles, and the mirror at the end is a particular favourite. Definitely a series to get your hands on if you need to entertain a little one!

Elephant, Elephant, What Can You See? by Amelia Hepworth and Pintachan

In this book you can help Elephant to discover the other animals, who are hiding behind big chunky flaps – they’re sturdy and easy for little hands to use, which I always appreciate. The bright, simple artwork is a real hit, and as I mentioned when I reviewed Little Hen, its mirror is much bigger than other board books tend to have, which gives it a much truer reflection, to my baby’s delight!

Peekaboo Cow by Camilla Reid and Ingela P Arrhenius

The third book in the Peekaboo series is just as bright and fun as the previous instalments, with a wide array of sliders, wheels, and pull-out tabs that will keep any baby entertained for ages. The farm theme is sweet and has a few unexpected delights (like adorable sweetcorn!) – I get a lot of requests to read this one again and again!

Hide and Seek with the Dinosaurs by Rosamund Lloyd and Gareth Lucas

I’m always up for a new dinosaur book, and this one is super cute, with big grabbable felt flaps that reveal various dinos about their business! There’s a fun rhyme about each scene which makes a valiant attempt to rhyme some of the dinosaur names (so maybe not one to read aloud when you’re tired!), and the art is vibrant and fun. The flaps are really nicely designed and decorated too, and form part of the scene before they’re lifted, whether they’re leaves or lava.

Switch-a-Picture: Your Body by Harriet Evans and Lirios Bou

I’ve previously reviewed Day and Night from this series (here!), which incorporates clever sliders to show diurnal and nocturnal animals in the same scene, and here the same format is applied to show different systems of the body inside and out. It isn’t hugely detailed beyond that, with just a rhyming couplet about what each illustration shows, but it would be a great springboard for talking about things like bones and lungs. I really love the sliding pictures – it’s such a good concept, and really suits the topic.

Follow That Unicorn! by Carles Ballesteros

This bright little book has large felt flaps that help you count to ten while you look for Mummy Unicorn. I really like the chaotic rainbow colours of this one, and the repetition of ‘follow that unicorn!’, which makes it feel very exciting. It’s pretty simple as a concept, but it works very well – and there are adorable dragons, so it’s a win from me!

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