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#ConquerAChonker and #SweepUpYourSmols are back!

Summertime is here and that means it’s time for the next round of #ConquerAChonker! We’ll be running from the 11th-13th June, so whether you’re an old hand at this readathon, or it’s entirely new to you, read on to find out what’s going on!

#ConquerAChonker is a very chill readathon – personally I can never keep track of bingo boards, prompts, or those complicated story creators, so all you have to do for this is read! Any book with over 400 pages counts as a chonker, whether it’s a epic fantasy tome, a juicy non-fiction read, or a massive bind-up of short stories. If it’s a big ol’ book, it counts… but we do have some categories if you want to name them!

A book with 400+ pages is a CHONKY BOI; with 500+ pages is a MEGA CHONK; and with 600+ pages is an UBERCHONK!

Everything is up to you and your reading speed. There are no points or prizes for finishing anything, so if you want to just dip in and break the back of something by reading a few chapters, that’s cool, and if you want to power through your entire TBR, you do that. In the first few rounds of the readathon, I would read three or four chonks across the weekend, but now I have a baby I’m lucky to finish one, so I’m a big proponent of reading however much will make you happy. My main goal is just to give you an excuse to make time for that big book you keep putting off!

But if the idea of tackling your largest books makes you worry about your monthly totals, then do I have the readathon for you… #SweepUpYourSmols is the younger sister of #ConquerAChonker, and the 18th-20th June is only its second round ever!

It’s just as simple as #ConquerAChonker, except with the opposite goal – tidy up all your tiny books! Again, no prompts or tasks, just you reading any book or books under 300 pages. Anything goes – novellas, short stories, kids’ books, whatever. If it’s on your TBR and it’s short, pick it up! Last time I managed to squeeze 11 books into the weekend, so it can definitely be a useful time to get your numbers back on track.

So, if you want to take part, I’d love to see your TBRs! Comment a link below if you make a post, or use the hashtags on Twitter and I’ll spot them! And look out for my TBR post next week. Will you be joining in?

9 thoughts on “#ConquerAChonker and #SweepUpYourSmols are back!

  1. I’m not a fast ready by any means, and I hope it’s okay I go for an audiobook. This weekend’s chonk is Salem’s Lot – it’s not the biggest chonk, but I’ve already tried to read it twice and I’ve hardly gotten into the book both times ;w;

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