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June 2021 Wrap Up

June was a real blink-and-you’ll-miss-it month for me. I’ve been so busy with various writing, editing, and other projects – I feel like it’s only been about a week since my May Wrap Up!

Goodreads Challenge

I read 41 books in June, so slightly fewer than last month but still up at the top of my range! #SweepUpYourSmols was instrumental – I read 12 books that weekend alone. That takes me up to 236 for the year so far, so I’m closing in on my original goal of 300. If I hit it before September I’ll consider moving it up to 365 again and seeing if I can get a book a day in… I still haven’t updated my Goodreads, and honestly it’s just so much easier to keep track here on my TBR page, so I might give up on trying to keep it updated, apart from copying across reviews every so often.

My Owned TBR

My goal for June was to decrease the number of books on my TBR by 13 books, and it was a hard-fought battle, but I finally managed it and even got lower than that. After being so good about buying and requesting books in May, I went off the rails in June and had 34 books come in, which is the opposite of helpful (though I’m pleased to have all of them individually)! But I did make it down to 418, for a reduction of 15 books (and 100 books down since February)!

I’m going to try and stretch myself this month and get the TBR down to 400 – 18 books lower than it is right now. It would be so refreshing to have only a year’s worth in stock, as it were!

Physical Review Copies

My physical review copies are down to 48, and I have several half-written or scheduled reviews, so I’m making some progress finally! The 20 Books of Summer challenge is proving helpful, and I’ve ticked off seven of the twenty so far, which is about right for the first month. I need to get a bit more focused though, as there are some long books coming up.

Wrap Up

Least favourite: All a Woman Wants by Patricia Rice

Favourites: Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston; Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend

Shortest: Mooncat and Me by Lydia Corry

Longest: Unfettered, edited by Shawn Speakman

I’d love to read more wrap up posts, so leave me a comment below if you have one!

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