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Kitten Corner: Mooncat and Me by Lydia Corry

Any picture book with a cat in it will always pique my interest, and this particular cat comes with a wonderfully thoughtful story about handling anxiety and apprehension!

Book: Mooncat and Me by Lydia Corry

Publication date: 24th June 2021

Ownership: Review copy sent free of charge by Two Hoots Books. All opinions my own.

Usually I do a round-up of a few books for Kitten Corner posts, but I really wanted to highlight this gorgeous picture book on its own. It’s the story of Pearl, who moves to a new city and a new school and is very worried about everything being unfamiliar, until a huge beautiful white cat becomes her friend. As Pearl’s confidence grows, Mooncat shrinks – but he’ll always be there when she needs him. This is a quiet book, very slice of life, and it’s very subtle in its message about facing your fears and staying calm. It would be a great read for kids who are unsettled about moving house or starting a new school, but it will also speak to those who just need a boost in their confidence levels going about their normal lives. I really enjoyed that the low stakes and overall gentleness of the story – I love a boisterous picture book as much as anyone else, but I think there is definitely a need for these more thoughtful stories too.

I loved all the art in this book. Mooncat looks so soft and squishy – he has almost no shading or line art to him, making him a big white space with a face and I love how well his shapes, as simple as they are, perfectly capture the liquidness of cats! Whether he’s sitting, walking, curled up or whatever, he just looks so perfectly cattish, and any extra details would have taken something away from his marshmallowy feline loveliness. In complete contrast, I also loved how busy, claustrophobic, and overwhelming the chaotic city is drawn to be – buildings tower above Pearl and Mooncat in a really effective way. They aren’t just tall, but they loom at alarming angles which is a brilliant way to show how impossibly large everything looks to a small child. Mooncat’s soft, blank whiteness against all these sharp edges and angles gives a great image of him as a piece of calm and quiet for Pearl, where the hustle and bustle of the world just doesn’t exist.

Overall, this is a sweet and heartfelt read with lovely illustrations, and I wish I had a Mooncat!

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