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Kitten Corner: New Board Books

This week, try as I might, I have no cohesive theme! But all three of these board books have been going down a treat, so here’s what we’ve been reading lately. All three of these were sent to me free of charge, but all opinions are my own.

Happy by Emma Dodd, from Nosy Crow

I’m so happy to have another book in this beautiful series: Love and Together are stunning, but I think this is my favourite yet (I do have a soft spot for owls). This has the same style of sweet rhymes combined with adorable pictures of a baby owl and his parent – as with her other books, these only say ‘mummy’ in the blurb, so if you skipped that you could absolutely think of the adult owl as any other caregiver. This a gorgeously made book, too, with a lovely thick foiled cover – perfect for a gift or a special occasion!

Where’s Mr Fire Engine? by Ingela P Arrhenius, from Nosy Crow

An emergency vehicle version of this brilliant flap book! My toddler is starting to grow out of this series at sixteen months, but we’ve absolutely adored them, and I highly recommend them for those just starting to interact with books – the big tactile felt flaps are wonderful (and so much sturdier than paper!) and the art is so bright and fun.Where’s Mr Fire Engine? would be a great addition for any kids who love machines and vehicles.

Roar by Amelia Hepworth and Jorge Martin, from Little Tiger

This book is so much fun! It’s the story of a Best Roar contest, with all the different animals trying out to see who can be loudest. Each page has very cute illustrations, plus a flap over the animal performing which reveals their roars, but best of all is the little girl, whose flap is linked up to a sensor that makes the book itself roar out loud! It’s such a clever idea, I can’t believe I haven’t come across it being used before – it will startle kids the first time they read it, and make them laugh so much, if mine is anything to go by. Loads of fun (and parents, don’t worry, the sound part has an on/off switch at the back!).

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