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The Return of #Februwitchy!

Way back in February 2020, I ran a month-long readathon called #Februwitchy, focusing on witchy books and fun. I always intended this to be a yearly event, but the start of 2021 was not a great time for me (or for most people), so running a long event was the last thing on my mind. But this year, I’m delighted to say, the witches are back!

The aim of this readathon is really simple:

Read witchy books!

That’s it, just read books about witches in February. We’ll start on the 1st and finish on the 28th, and just make our way through as many witchy books as we can!

I’ve made a few changes this time around to make things even more flexible. Here’s what will count for the readathon:

  • A book with ‘witch’, ‘spell’, or ‘potion’ in the title
  • A fictional book with a witch as one of the main characters
  • A non-fiction book about witchcraft or the history of witches

The other big change this year is that there’s no sign up, Twitter sprints, or tracking – if you’d like to take part, please just join in at your own pace! There’s a graphic below for you to use to select your TBR, if you’d like to, and I’d love to see what you’re planning to read.

Please do tag me on Twitter or leave me a link in the comments here if you post about #Februwitchy – I’m looking forward to reading your posts! My TBR will be up at the start of February, and I have some great things on it!

8 thoughts on “The Return of #Februwitchy!

  1. Hallo, Hallo Asha,

    I’m one of the persons behind #SpooktasticReads which is our annual mini-event in October attached to our larger fantastical event @WydAndWonder – the reason I bring this up is this past October, whilst trying to get re-invested in my Witchy reads, I was needing to seek out a second job and ironically or not, that took all my reading hours away during our event and out went my Witchy stories as a result! I’ve been wanting to re-focus and resume those stories – one of which I loved listening to a few years ago but never could review properly and I have the next installment ready to listen too and the other one, is a delightful magical school setting by a favourite Indie Urban Fantasy novelist of mine. Plus I have a Historical Fiction Witchy novel too — in essence, loads of stories I wanted to focus on and share with others who love those kinds of stories but contemplating waiting til next October was killing me… THANK YOU for hosting #Februwitchy! Wow. I am beyond excited now!!

    PS: Some of the books I’m reading are on this post as you can see, I haven’t had my act together getting into stories the past few years myself! Specifically the Wonky Witch stories and Catching A Witch which I’ll pair with TransWitch by E. Chris Garrison. I’ll make a formal announcement closer to the 1st of February but ooh boy! I’m excited! Can’t wait to see what everyone else will be reading, too!

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