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May Reading Wrap Up

I can feel the weather getting warmer and I have to keep reminding myself we’re approaching summer, and it’s not the beginning of the year any more! I’m writing this post on the 29th, as I’ll be super busy for the next couple of days, but because of that I also don’t think I’ll finish any other books this month so this should still be accurate…

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May Reading Challenge: Free Choice Fifteen Final Check In

It’s already time to start wrapping things up for May! This month I wanted to let myself do some mood reading, so my challenge TBR was just fifteen random books I felt like reading – but then it turned out, I didn’t actually feel like doing much reading at all. I did still manage to tick off five more out of the fifteen, so I read ten challenge books in total – read on for my thoughts…

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Kitten Corner: Gorgeous Gift Books

I have three books to show you today which don’t have a lot in common beyond the fact that I think each of them would make an amazing gift – they’re all beautiful hardbacks that feel really special, and slightly outside the ordinary for kids’ books. All three of these were sent to me free of charge by the publishers, but that doesn’t affect my opinions: I genuinely think they’re all lovely!

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Time for #SweepUpYourSmols!

Tomorrow marks the start of another round of #SweepUpYourSmols, the sister to my #ConquerAChonker readathon. Where #ConquerAChonker asks you to read a big book (over 450 pages), #SweepUpYourSmols is all about ticking off as many little books (under 300 pages) as you can manage in a weekend! I thought I’d show you the books I’ll be choosing from this weekend – it’s an eclectic mix, with little in common between the books other than their length…

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Kitten Corner: A Chapter Book Round Up

I’ve read a few amazing new chapter books recently, so I thought I’d round them all up for you in one post! All of the books featured in this post were sent to me free of charge by the publishers, but that doesn’t affect my opinions of them. All of these are fun and exciting reads that really show off the fact that chapter books have just as much range as any other age bracket – from space adventure to fairy tale, they’re filled with humour and warmth!

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