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Blog Tour: Sister to a Star by Eloise Smith

Today I’m so happy to be helping kick off the blog tour for Sister to a Star, a new middle grade adventure full of Hollywood hijinks and sibling drama! I don’t often read middle grade contemporary, but you may or may not know that I really love behind-the-scenes stuff on films and TV shows, so Evie’s journey as a young stunt fencer was really tempting. I just finished the book over the weekend and it’s absolutely delightful – but I’m not posting a review today! Instead I have something special to show you: a letter from author Eloise Smith to her unpublished self.

Dear Unpublished Self,

I write as your debut hits bookshelves around the country. It’s not any of the picture books you first thought you’d write. Nor the chapter books you tried your hand at. It’s not even the first middle grade novel you wrote. It features neither talking farmyard animals, mermaid detectives nor nightlings. It’s not even set in a fantasy world. It’s a wild, funny Hollywood thriller called Sister To A Star, and it’s very you.

And that is really what you should focus on. Writing a book that only you can write, in your unique voice. Don’t try to game the market. Don’t try to copy what sells. Don’t talk in voices of other authors who impress you. They’ll do it better than you, and you’ll just be adding another entry to your spreadsheet of agent rejections.

‘But how do I find my voice?’ I hear you ask. It’s already with you in fragments. It’s there in the moments when the words flow fast and free. It’s there when you forget about what you think you should be writing. It pops out when you laugh at your own jokes, when you well up at a sad scene of your own creation. You just need to listen out for it and grab it with both hands.

Your authorial voice, it turns out, is just like you in book form. Frank, fun and fearless. Run towards it, and it will guide you.

Take care,

Your published self

Sister to a Star is out now! I’ve popped the blurb below to tempt you, but look out for my review soon!

Lights, camera … kidnap!

Evie is forever crossing swords with her twin. While she practises her after-school fencing, Tallulah is winning movie auditions. Neither of them could have imagined how their worlds would collide, but when Tallulah goes to Hollywood Evie goes too – as her sister’s identical stand-in. But that changes, when the film needs some all-action sword-play. Soon Evie’s the one enjoying the limelight – that is, until Tallulah goes missing … An action-packed sibling adventure of twin rivalry, glamour and skulduggery set against the bright lights of Hollywood!

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