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May Reading Challenge: Free Choice Fifteen Final Check In

It’s already time to start wrapping things up for May! This month I wanted to let myself do some mood reading, so my challenge TBR was just fifteen random books I felt like reading – but then it turned out, I didn’t actually feel like doing much reading at all. I did still manage to tick off five more out of the fifteen, so I read ten challenge books in total – read on for my thoughts…

First up was Sirena by Gideon Marcus, the sequel to Kitra. I’ll have a full review coming for this one shortly, but it’s another light, fun space adventure that feels like a mid-season episode of a long-running sci-fi show – just a good inter-planetary time.

After that I tucked into One Foot in the Fade by Luke Arnold, the third book in the Fetch Phillips Archives. You know I adore this series, and this third book is no exception – it’s got Fetch’s trademark spirit, a fun roadtrip, and that mix of humour and heartbreak that makes these unputdownable. My full review is here if you’d like to read more of my thoughts!

My next read was The Accidental Wizard by Kimberley Pauley, which was just the kind of fun middle grade fantasy I was hoping for. It’s always nice to find one with a boy protagonist that doesn’t immediately become zany to the detriment of its characters, and this is much closer to my preferred MG style, with a journey of self-discovery and lots of fun friendship moments. I’m looking forward to book two!

After that was Odder Still by DN Bryn, which was a really fast-paced and entertaining adventure. I’m on the blog tour for this next week so keep an eye out for my full review! I really enjoy this world of science-y, steampunk-y magical creatures and this is a great new series starter.

And finally, I had a brilliant time with Starfell: Willow Moss and the Magic Thief by Dominique Valente! These books are some of my favourite middle grade fantasy ever, with such a wonderful heroine and a really magic-feeling world. This book felt like it was almost wrapping things up for the series, with lots of cameos from old friends and a rather nostalgic tone – while I certainly hope there are more adventures in store for Willow and Oswin, this would be a really satisfying ending if we had to say goodbye here.

So that does mean there were five books on the list I didn’t manage to get to – I think it’s taught me to make my TBRs a little shorter for the next couple of months, as I’m just not getting as much reading time as I’d like!

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