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What Have I Done?? A Historical Romance Windfall

So, the other day someone in my local Facebook group asked if anyone wanted to take a few historical romance novels off her hands. I thought, “sure, I can always read a few more” – so I beetled off to her house expecting maybe like half a dozen or so at most.


Oh no.

What she handed me was this:

That’s 41 – forty one – books. And some of them are bind ups!

It’s a bit of a shock, if a very lovely and generous one! I have a lot of reading to do, for sure. And I will say that I don’t plan to keep most of these – not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but apart from a few favourite authors I don’t tend to reread romance books and with shelf space at a premium, I don’t keep books I won’t reread – so I want to keep myself accountable for making sure I read them and then find them new homes to be read again. I also suspect there might be quite a few DNFs in here!

So, I’m not going to add them to my main TBR (it would just be too heartbreaking to undo half a year’s progress in one fell swoop!). What I’m going to do instead is list them out here, and then keep an eye on my numbers in my monthly wrap up post. I’ll come back and italicise the ones I read or DNF, too. I might even do a little round up post every time I’ve read ten, with a sentence or two about what I thought!

In no particular order:

  • The Ugly Duchess – Eloisa James
  • My Notorious Gentleman – Gaelen Foley
  • When the Rogue Returns – Sabrina Jeffries
  • What A Duke Dares – Anna Campbell
  • A Gentleman’s Honour – Stephanie Laurens
  • The Elusive Bride – Stephanie Laurens
  • A Rogue’s Proposal – Stephanie Laurens
  • Innocence in Regency Society (bind up) – Diane Gaston
  • Bound by One Scandalous Night – Diane Gaston
  • The Illegitimate Montague – Sarah Mallory
  • Lady Beneath the Veil – Sarah Mallory
  • What A Hero Dares – Kasey Michaels
  • One Night with the Laird – Nicola Cornick
  • Regency Christmas Weddings (bind up) – Nicola Cornick, Margaret McPhee, Miranda Jarrett
  • Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss – Annie Burrows
  • Regency Candlelit Christmas (bind up) – Julia Justiss, Annie Burrows, Terri Brisbin
  • His Enemy’s Daughter – Terri Brisbin
  • Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss – Deb Marlowe
  • Betrayed and Betrothed – Anne Ashley
  • The Rake and the Rebel – Mary Brendan
  • The Highlander’s Redemption – Marguerite Kaye
  • Strangers at the Altar – Marguerite Kaye
  • The Inconvenient Duchess – Christine Merrill
  • A Ring from a Marquess – Christine Merrill
  • My Lady’s Dare – Gayle Wilson
  • Rogue’s Salute – Jennifer Blake
  • Scandal’s Virgin – Louise Allen
  • The Black Sheep’s Return – Elizabeth Beacon
  • Lord Laughraine’s Summer Promise – Elizabeth Beacon
  • No Role for a Gentleman – Gail Whitiker
  • Under a Desert Moon – Laura Martin
  • Secrets Behind Locked Doors – Laura Martin
  • The Major’s Guarded Heart – Isabelle Goddard
  • Society’s Most Scandalous Rake – Isabelle Goddard
  • The MacGregor’s Lady – Grace Burrowes
  • The Heir – Grace Burrowes
  • Winterset – Candace Camp
  • The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection 11 (bind up) – Mary Nichols, Paula Marshall
  • The Regency Lords and Ladies Collection 13 (bind up) – Helen Dickson, Joanna Maitland
  • Lady’s Wager – Mary Spencer
  • The Queen’s Lady – Shannon Drake

If you spot any favourites in this list, or have opinions on which I should read first, let me know! I’m going to take a pretty random approach to choosing which to read next in general – all vibes, no reasons. There are some authors here I’ve enjoyed before, but some I’ve never heard of too, so I think this should be fun!

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