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September Reading Wrap Up

Wow, did September even happen? It absolutely flew by! I have had an absolutely stonking reading month, even if I feel like I’ve hardly done anything else, so let’s see how the numbers stack up this time (spoiler alert, I’m super pleased!)

Books read:

I read 63 books in September, bringing me up to 354 books for the year so far. That’s my best reading month ever since starting blogging! Not having the pressure of reviewing right away meant I was really whizzing through a wide variety of books, and after a while the momentum was so high I just wanted to see how high I could get it! I’m in the middle of a few books at the moment, but I don’t think I’ll finish anything else today, so I’m calling it there. I was only aiming for 20 books!

That means my percentage is way ahead: 88.5% of my books are read with 75% of the year done. I may well need to up my goal from 400 books if I have a good October! I’d like to read at least a book a day next month – not as intense as September, but still hopefully some good progress.

Owned TBR:

I wanted to get my TBR down to under 280 in September, and, well, I don’t know what happened, but I got it all the way down to 237!! This is absolutely huge progress, when I’ve been barely getting it down by a few books each month so far this year. For most of the month, I managed to reduce the number by at least one every day! I’m absolutely thrilled to have knocked it down by 48 books, and that’s despite 23 new books coming in. Of those, I read 10 right away, so 13 September books remain on the TBR.

For October, I really want to continue this downwards progress, but I’m not sure I can keep that speed up as the Christmas releases start coming out. So let’s say I’d like to be under 220 by the end of October.

Reading Challenges:

There was no reading challenge for September, but keep an eye out on Monday for an appropriately witchy October TBR challenge!

So there we have it. What did you get up to in September? Read anything good? I’d love to be linked to your wrap up posts if you have them, or just to hear about your reading in the comments!

5 thoughts on “September Reading Wrap Up

  1. 63 books?! That’s impressive! I’m so glad you had a good September and I hope your October is just as good 🙂


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