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Let’s Get Witchy Final TBR Check In

So it’s the end of the month already, and I’ve actually finished my whole October TBR! If you want a reminder of what was the list, you can find my original post here, but here are my thoughts on the final three books!

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More Middle Grade Mini-Reviews!

I know it’s not long since my last set of mini-reviews, but I’ve been all about the middle grade reads recently so there are plenty to show you! All of these were sent to me free of charge via NetGalley except the last, where I was sent a physical copy, but as always my opinions are my own – and here they are!

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Book Reviews

Kitten Corner: Funny Picture Books

There have been some amazing new picture book releases in the last few weeks – so many I’m actually going to split them into two posts, one with funny books and one with sweeter stories! This week, we’ll look at funny ones. All of these were sent to me free of charge, but as ever that doesn’t affect my opinions.

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