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Kitten Corner: New Board Books!

I have had such amazing luck with new kids’ books recently, so there are plenty of exciting Kitten Corner posts coming your way this month! I thought I’d start with some new board book favourites – all of these were sent free of charge by the publisher, but as always that doesn’t affect my opinions (and I already repurchased some to give to others!).

Look, It’s Woof Woof Dog and Look, It’s Twit Twoo Owl by Camilla Reid and Clare Youngs, from Nosy Crow

These interactive reads are simply fantastic, combining the ever-popular animal noises, felt flaps with small creatures to find behind them, and wonderfully eye-catching art highlighted with foil – from the moment these dropped through the door they’ve had my toddler enthralled! Perfect for fans of the Who Said…? and Where’s Mrs…? series, they’re really thoughtfully designed. I’m looking forward to a whole collection of these!

Big Outdoors for Little Explorers: River and Woods by Anne-Kathrin Behl, from Nosy Crow

Speaking of collections I love, the Big Outdoors for Little Explorers series has two new books, a woodland one and a river one! These are some of my personal favourite board books, with cleverly-integrated sliders adding lots of fun to really beautiful nature artwork, showcasing the breadth of wildlife in different habitats. The frog sticking its tongue out is the best slider! These are perfect for bedtime, as they’re nice and calming, but also really great for a daytime discussion about animals.

Stick! by Irene Dickson, from Nosy Crow

This sweet and simple story really captures the joy that a stick (and a little bit of imagination) can add to a walk! With nostalgic-feeling art and only a few words per page, this is one you could enjoy with babies as well as toddlers – it really makes you want to get outside and get finding a stick!

Make Tracks: Cars by Johnny Dyrander, from Nosy Crow

This was another instant hit – my toddler loves to drive the cars around the in-built tracks in this book. There’s lots of information about different types of cars, with labelled diagrams on the pages that don’t have tracks, but this has been mostly ignored so far in favour of the playableness! We had one book in this series last year, but the layers of card that make up the tracks proved a bit too delicate for very little fingers, so do bear that in mind if buying for really young kids, but two and a half seems to be the perfect age to handle the moving pieces.

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