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Kitten Corner: Funny Picture Books

There have been some amazing new picture book releases in the last few weeks – so many I’m actually going to split them into two posts, one with funny books and one with sweeter stories! This week, we’ll look at funny ones. All of these were sent to me free of charge, but as ever that doesn’t affect my opinions.

Kitsy Bitsy’s Noisy Neighbours by Polly Faber and Melissa Crowton, from Nosy Crow

This is such a fun book, looking at the chaos of noisy neighbours in a block of flats, but with a sweet message about being a considerate person. I love the fun details in each flat’s illustration, and the rhyming story bounces along beautifully. Perhaps not one to read right before bedtime, as it’s certainly full of noises, but a really entertaining book!

Watch Out, Wolf! There’s a Baddie in Your Book by Jude Evans and Lucy Semple, from Little Tiger

This fairy-tale story is very funny, featuring a wolf who just wants to be bad, but all the inhabitants of the forest keep insisting they know someone worse than him! It’s supplemented brilliantly with cut-outs and flaps that add loads of fun to every page – it is only made of regular paperback paper, so I’m going to save it until my son is a bit older and more gentle on books as I fear it would rip easily, but for older kids I think this would be an absolute hoot.

Dangerous! by Tim Warnes, from Little Tiger

Aww, I loved this one! We follow a mole who loves to label things, and when he finds a creature he doesn’t know in the woods, he puts his labels to good use. It’s a great demonstration of adjectives, as the mole adds more and more labels to the creature, and it also has a sweet story of friendship and not judging by appearances. It’s really fun and very wholesome.

Who Will Kiss the Crocodile? by Suzy Senior and Claire Powell

I couldn’t resist the newest book from the author-illustrator team behind one of my favourites, Octopants! This is a super fun take on the Sleeping Beauty story, with a princess cursed to be a crocodile, and a pair of grans who have the solution. It’s full of vibrant, detailed art that has a real zing to it, and the rhyming story is just as fun and bouncy as Octopants. Another hit!

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