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Kitten Corner: Chapter Books Galore!

I’m back with six more fabulous chapter books for your perusal! All of these were sent to me free of charge by Little Tiger and Nosy Crow, but that doesn’t affect my opinions. There’s a bit of magic, some lovely animals, and a whole lot of heart…

Magic Keepers: Crystal Chaos, written by Linda Chapman, illustrated by Hoang Giang

This is the start of a new series, which promises to be great! When Ava inherits her great-aunt’s stash of ancient artefacts, she discovers that magic just might be real – with chaotic results. I really liked how this tied the magical hijinks into a more down-to-earth story of moving house and finding new friends. The ending is a little bit abrupt, with the magical problem resolved and not much further wrapping up, but that can happen in this sort of monster-of-the-week series without you feeling too unsatisfied, and it doesn’t stop it being fun!

The Snow Bear by Holly Webb, illustrated by Artful Doodlers

This is the 10th anniversary edition of this book, and it’s a beautiful paperback with foiling and stencilled edges, so definitely a treat! The story itself is classic Holly Webb, with family themes, a little bit of magic, and an animal at its heart – it’s easy to see why this was such a hit ten years ago. With its snowy setting, this is the perfect read for a cold wintry night!

The Missing Bookshop by Katie Clapham, illustrated by Kirsti Beautyman

Little Tiger’s collection of chapter books with colour illustration are always lovely, and this is no exception. It’s a sweet contemporary story about a little girl who adores her local bookshop, and is devastated when it closes; it will resonate with anyone who loves books and bookshops, and has a really heartwarming feel. I love the warmth and cosiness of the art style, too.

Midnight Magic: Witch Trap by Michelle Harrison, illustrated by Elissa Elwick

The third Midnight Magic book is just as zany, fun and magical as its previous instalments! Midnight is a mischievous magic cat, and this time her owner and friend Trixie (along with Dad and Gran) has to rescue her from a witch who’s determined to steal her for her own! Told in cheerful, bouncy rhyming quartets, the story races along – this is a great pick for those just transitioning from picture books to chapter books. Both illustrations and story are filled with fun!

Dragon Storm: Kai and Boneshadow by Alastair Chisholm, illustrated by Eric Deschamps

This fifth book in the Dragon Storm series kicks off a new main arc, and things are getting a little bit darker – this one has a great message about standing up for yourself, but balancing that with not being selfish. I really like the way we learn a little bit more about the world with each new book, and I love the friendships between humans and dragons alike. I would have been desperate for my own dragon companion when I was in the age range for these books! I’m really enjoying this series so far.

Princess Minna: The Big Bad Snowy Day by Kirsty Applebaum and Sahar Haghoo

This series, aimed at those very new to chapter books with full-colour and full-page illustrations, continues to be an absolute delight. This one is a sweet wintry take on Little Red Riding Hood, with just enough humour and subversion to entertain an adult while still being a lovely little adventure for kids. I really enjoy the bright colours and overall sparkiness of these books – go-getter Princess Minna is a wonderful character!

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