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November Reading Wrap Up

I truly feel like November barely even happened! It’s been a strange reading month for me, mostly very slumpy – I’ve been writing and editing a lot, which can make it tricky to read for fun, and I’m also just really exhausted in general. I’m actually going to put myself back on something of a hiatus for December – there are a few Christmas books I really want to review, and I’m looking forward to doing my yearly wrap up and favourites list, so I won’t be completely absent, but I’m hoping that taking the time pressure off will let me get back to just reading for the joy of it again. I’ll be popping in and out with the odd post, but don’t expect something from me every day! Taking a break worked really well to refresh me over the summer, and I’m hopeful that if it sets off a reading spark like September’s again, I could be looking at a great reading month to make one final push for the year’s TBR…

Anyway, let’s see how November’s numbers panned out!

Books read:

I read 27 books in November, which I’m frankly astonished by – it felt like pretty much nothing at all. At least 12 of those were in the last week, though, as I really didn’t read anything for a good week or so at the start of the month! Even though it’s not quite my usual amount, that does bring me up to 418 for the year so far, so I’ve hit my 400 book goal for 2022. I’ve been particularly focusing on ebooks that have been lurking on my Kindle for a while – it’s nice to be able to dip in and out of books in spare moments on my phone, rather than have to carry a physical book around, but that does mean the physical books are stacking up!

In December, I’d like to try and read 32 books, to bring me up to 450 overall for the year. It’s a high bar to hit, but with some determination (and the start of the Christmas break) I reckon I can do it!

Owned TBR:

I missed my goal of 210 just slightly this month, nudging my TBR down to 212 books. Actually, I’m pretty happy with this, as between my reading slump and a little flurry of bookpost and e-ARCs, it spent most of the month up in the 230s, so this represents quite a bit of work! 20 books came in this month and I read 14 of them, meaning only 6 are sticking around on the list.

My goal for December is one I was too wary to put into words all the way back in January – I’d love to get the TBR under 200. That looks like a reduction of only 12 books, but knowing that I’ll likely get a fair few new reads for Christmas means I’m not so sure it’ll be that easy! If I can get it to 199, that’ll be 100 books down across the year as a whole, which would make me very happy.

Reading Challenges:

I actually only managed to read one more of my NetGalley November books, purely due to not being in the mood for them. I’m still hoping to get to a few of them in the next couple of weeks, because I really want to clean that shelf up before the end of the year!

For December, I’m not setting a concrete TBR, but I’d like to do something similar to my December Decimation challenge from last year, where I pick a book from each block of ten on my main TBR list. This was great fun and made sure I was reading a broad selection of newer and older books – I think what I’ll do this time is cherry-pick as I go, but aim for those 21 books spread across the whole list.

Blog posts:

I didn’t post very consistently this month, but there were some lovely books I had a chance to review. Here’s a round-up of all my posts, in case you missed any:

The Grief of Stones by Katherine Addison

Wildest Hunger by Laura Laakso

Midnight in Everwood by MA Kuzniar

Final Acts, edited by Martin Edwards

Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree

Fault Tolerance by Valerie Valdes

A Restless Truth by Freya Marske

I also had three Kitten Corner posts (one, two, three), as well as my Non-Stop NetGalley Mid-Month Check In, a set of Erica Ridley mini reviews and my Historical Romance Windfall Thoughts, Part Four.

So there we have it. What did you get up to in November? Read anything good? I’d love to be linked to your wrap up posts if you have them, or just to hear about your reading in the comments!

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