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January TBR Challenge: New Year, New Starts

In the spirit of fresh starts, this month I thought I’d focus in on starting some new series that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while! I’ve chosen six books that kick off duologies, trilogies or longer series, and I’m starting them all to see if I want to continue on, or if I can take the rest of the series off my shelves.

Traitor’s Blade – Sebastien de Castell

Having really loved de Castell’s Spellslinger books, I’m really intrigued by this trilogy, which is adult rather than YA – hopefully it’ll be just as much fun.

Strange Practice – Vivian Shaw

This paranormal series has a lot of fans among my friends! It’s been on my TBR for over three years, so I want to finally give it a chance this month!

Between Two Thorns – Emma Newman

This is the start of a five book series and I think it’s going to be right up my street – fantasy of manners meets portal fantasy. I’ve enjoyed the other Emma Newman books I’ve read.

The Cloud Roads – Martha Wells

Like everyone else in the world, I’m a big fan of Murderbot, so I really want to read the rest of Martha Wells’s back catalogue! This fantasy story has a gorgeous cover and looks really good. I own books one and two in the five book series, so it’s a good time to get started.

Cold Magic – Kate Elliott

It sounds like there is a lot going on in this fantasy trilogy opener – dragons, alternate history of multiple flavours, adventure, romance – but boy is is hefty to fit all of that in! I own all three books and they’re all enormous, so it’s time to decide if they’re staying on the shelves.

A Curious Beginning – Deanna Raybourn

I love the sound of this Victorian mystery featuring a scholar heroine – there are seven books out so far and another one coming this year, so if I fall in love there will be plenty more to read!

So that’s my list for this month… As usual, I’ll update with mini-reviews as I read – wish me luck and let me know if there’s anything I should read first!

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