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TBR Check In: September 2019

Autumn’s here! Ish. I’m feeling cold, term is starting again for my husband, and I am feeling the urge to get the big blankets out, so hopefully September will have plenty of cosy days for reading. I’ve been continuing to make small changes around the blog, to follow my design update – most noticeably, I’ve added a page for my blog tour calendar so you can see what’s coming up!

Goodreads Reading Challenge


We’re over 300! I’m considering upping my goal to 500 for the year, but I know that would be a bit of a push with the amount of trips to London I’m taking over the autumn, which are likely to wipe me out for a few days at a time. I think I’ll see how quickly I hit 365 and go from there. 

I read 26 books in August, which is my lowest month all year (none of the others have even been under 30!). I didn’t read at all the week of WorldCon, and then I had one of the worst CFS crashes I’ve had in a while, so I probably didn’t read for about 12 days total. Still, I’m pleased I got anything read at all, and I did manage to tackle some big chonks (my last book of the month was Collision, at 776 pages in paperback!).

My Owned TBR

I finished 3 lists for #TBRShelfControl, which meant 18 books down, but it only seems to have counted as treading water! The owned TBR is up to 635, which is shocking, and even higher than last month. Continue reading “TBR Check In: September 2019”

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TBR Check In: August 2019

August is going to be a busy month for me, with a house move and WorldCon, so I’m hoping that I can still fit plenty of reading in, as the TBR’s getting a bit ridiculous…

Goodreads Reading Challenge


31 books read in July, which is pretty good, since I have barely read anything in this last week! That brings me up to a total of 280 for the year so far – I think I should be able to get over 300 by the end of August, which will be fun… Continue reading “TBR Check In: August 2019”

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TBR Check In: July 2019

Halfway through the year already, wow. Anyone else feel like we need some spare months to catch up?

Goodreads Reading Challenge


42 books in June is pretty good going! I’m up to 247 books this year, which means not long to go until 250, and I’m nearly 70% through my year’s challenge with half the year still to go.

My Owned TBR

My TBR is actually lower than last month, hurrah! When I wrote my last check-in post, it was at 562, and now it’s at 558! It seems like a small dip when I got so much reading done, but at least it’s downwards motion (though I have to say, the postman hasn’t come yet today!). I think this was helped a lot by my book buying ban, and also because I’m moving house in the first week of August, so I’ve been taking stock of all my books. It’s become a bit of a habit to pack a box, and then quickly read something that’s been hanging about to see if I want to bother packing it or not! Continue reading “TBR Check In: July 2019”

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TBR Check In: June 2019

This is so late! I can’t believe I totally failed to notice that June had started… Ah well, we can just pretend the 11th counts as the start of the month, right?

Goodreads Reading Challenge



Obviously this includes a bit of June as well, but I’m currently up to 218 books read this year, and 60% of the way to my goal, which is quite impressive considering we’re not actually halfway through the year yet… I was very excited to hit 200 books in May, which was dampened slightly by a Twitter altercation with a stranger who decided that I must be lying, or reading Mr Men books, but I was so pleased at the way the blogger community leapt to defend me. I love you guys.

37 books in May is a middling sort of month for me, but tomorrow (June 11th) is my last day at work so I’ll have plenty of time to get over 40 this month! Continue reading “TBR Check In: June 2019”

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TBR Check In: May 2019

Goodreads Reading Challenge


Well, I’m not sure what’s going on with Goodreads as by my count I’ve finished 170 books, but suffice to say it’s going well and I’m nearly half way through my goal! I read 50 books in April, which is my best reading month yet. I’m very happy with that!

My Owned TBR

I’m actually quite impressed that despite getting 9 books in a bookshop crawl, and being given over a dozen for my birthday, my TBR has only gone up to 547 (from 536), which means my efforts to knock some things down are working!

I’m thinking about going on a book buying ban in May (apart from picking up pre-orders), as I’d like to get this back down to 500 at some point. I’d definitely like to read some of the books I bought at YALC last year before they hit their anniversary on my TBR, eek!


NetGalley books are up to 116, but over the course of the month they’ve been up to 126 and back down again, so progress is being made. I’m going to try not to request so much over the summer, and I hope that by June I can have this under 100.

Blog Tours

Just two this month, though the summer is booking up!

2nd May – Highland Crown by May McGoldrick

28th May – Becoming Mrs Lewis by Patti Callahan


What I would most like to do this month is to get my pile of physical review copies cut right down. It currently has 20 titles in it, and I’d like to get it under 10 so it’s less loom-y.


Yes, I know, some of these are overdue… (Eek!). I’ve already started A Memory of Empire, which is stunningly thoughtful sci-fi, A Dress for the Wicked, which is the exact sort of contest-based, pretty-dress-wearing YA fantasy that I adore, and The Doll Factory, which is atmospheric gothic historical fiction, so I’ll definitely finish up those three, and then see what grabs me!

So, it’s been a very productive month – let’s hope I can keep it up! Any tips for a book buying ban?

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What I Read In Japan!

So, I was fully prepared to come back from my holiday with an apology to my TBR for not having had time or energy to read anything… But, well, that didn’t turn out to be necessary. Over the last 16 days I’ve got through 30 books, which I’m really pleased with! Some of these will get full reviews, but for now, here’s a summary of what I thought.

The flight out:


I tried to sleep on the plane, I really did… But no sleep was to be had. Luckily, that means I managed 8 books on the flight out (and watched Zootropolis, which I really enjoyed!) Continue reading “What I Read In Japan!”

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TBR Check In: April 2019

How is it April already? As this post goes up I will be in the air on my way to Japan – the husband and I are taking an amazing trip for three weeks! I’ve always, always wanted to visit Japan, so this is a dream come true. Plus, 12 hour flights means a whole lot of reading time, right? Anyway, let’s catch up with the state of my TBR…

Goodreads Reading Challenge

april goodreads

Goodreads says 115, but my count is 118, as there’re a few titles that aren’t listed on there yet. March wasn’t my best reading month, as I worked full-time through it, but I still managed 32 books, so I’m still ahead of the game – plenty of time to breathe if I don’t get to read much on our trip. Continue reading “TBR Check In: April 2019”