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Review: A Deceptive Alliance

At this point, when I see a new queer fantasy pop up on NetGalley from NineStar Press, I’m requesting before I’ve even really registered it! So far it seems to be working well, because A Deceptive Alliance is a wonderful fluffy fantasy romance which I absolutely adored.

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Review: Deadly Sweet and Sugar Spells

You already know that I love any magical baking story – something about the concept of baking spells into cake just really makes me happy. This series is a really great example of heartwarming YA/NA contemporary witch fantasy! (Plus, I am living for the aesthetic of these covers!)

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Review: Girls of Paper and Fire

If you glanced at my Twitter even at all during the summer, you’ll know that Girls of Paper and Fire was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I was so lucky to be sent an ARC by the publishers, and it’s honestly taken me this long to sort my thoughts out coherently about it – but the main takeaway point is: it’s SO good.

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