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Review: One Night for Seduction

Erica Ridley and Darcy Burke are two of my very favourite romance authors, so when I found out they were writing a series together, I was over the moon! There are going to be 8 books in The Wicked Dukes series, with Erica writing the odd-numbered books and Darcy the even.

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What I Read In Japan!

So, I was fully prepared to come back from my holiday with an apology to my TBR for not having had time or energy to read anything… But, well, that didn’t turn out to be necessary. Over the last 16 days I’ve got through 30 books, which I’m really pleased with! Some of these will get full reviews, but for now, here’s a summary of what I thought.

The flight out:


I tried to sleep on the plane, I really did… But no sleep was to be had. Luckily, that means I managed 8 books on the flight out (and watched Zootropolis, which I really enjoyed!) Continue reading “What I Read In Japan!”