I am NOT currently accepting unsolicited review requests unless I have worked with you before! If I’ve reviewed a book positively for you before, please feel free to contact me again even if I’m closed.

I do not do unsolicited spotlight posts, interviews, or other content.

When I am open to requests, I review books aimed at all ages in the following genres:

  • fantasy (especially slice-of-life, sword and sorcery, court fantasy, and fantasy of manners!)
  • Regency/historical romance (but not Christian/”clean” romance. Sweet/non-steamy romance is fine but I object to the label “clean” as sex isn’t “dirty”, so if that’s a major selling point for you, we’re unlikely to be a good match)
  • some non-fiction (especially about plants and herbs, linguistics, nature, history, or witchcraft).
  • some science-fiction but I am picky about subgenre (I prefer character-based to military or tech-heavy).
  • I’m always looking for queer romance in any of these genres!

I don’t review:

  • crime
  • thrillers
  • erotica (high heat is fine, but there must be plot outside the sex scenes!)
  • contemporary fiction
  • horror
  • religious fiction
  • paranormal romance
  • urban fantasy set outside of the UK
  • grimdark fantasy
  • military fantasy or sci fi

Please be upfront about content warnings, especially if your book contains domestic abuse, sexual assault, difficult pregnancies or cruelty to babies and children. A warning does not necessarily mean I won’t read the book, just that I’m better prepared to encounter the content. I reserve the right to DNF a book if it contains this kind of content unwarned for – and I won’t accept future books from you.

I will strongly prioritise reviews for print copies, as this is my preferred way of reading; I can also accept Kindle/mobi copies. I am in the UK so please bear this in mind if you are not!

Please do let me know upfront if there is a specific date you would need a review by, as my TBR list is very full. I’ll always aim to give you an estimate when we talk but it could be months.

My accepting a review copy does not mean you are guaranteed a review; I tend not to finish books I am not enjoying, and I don’t review books I haven’t finished. I also generally prefer not to spend time writing negative reviews, for your sake and mine. Please don’t chase me about reviews unless you’re willing to hear I didn’t like it!

I also reserve the right to refuse a review after accepting a review copy if a book has not been edited to an acceptable standard, or contains persistent grammatical errors. To avoid issues, I would prefer to read a sample before I commit to reviewing the full book (Look Inside on Amazon, for example).

I aim to reply to all requests within a week.