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Review: Pages and Co – Tilly and the Bookwanderers

Books about books have the tendency to either be totally magical, and let you feel you’ve found a kindred spirit, or a little bit pretentious, so I was nervous on picking up Pages and Co. However, this is firmly in the former camp, and is a really delightful love letter to books and reading, with a very entertaining story underneath it!

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Blog Tour: Three Bloody Pieces

thumbnail_Three Bloody Pieces

I’m really excited to be part of the blog tour for Three Bloody Pieces, because I’ve never read a historical novel set in this time period, and also, books about witches and cats are so rare in adult fiction! This is an excellent read with lots of complex women and adventure, and you get a fascinating glimpse into history as well.

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Review: A Curse So Dark And Lonely

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite fairy tales, and I’ve read countless retellings since I first started reading. Having been wowed recently by Hunted, I really wasn’t sure I had space in my heart for another new retelling so soon, but A Curse So Dark And Lonely surprised me by being so wholly different and original that it was easy to fall in love with it. 30097276 Continue reading “Review: A Curse So Dark And Lonely”

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Review: The Thorn Queen

The Thorn Queen is a gorgeous MG fantasy that caught my eye while browsing on NetGalley. Just look at that cover! While I was expecting something castle-based and possibly Sleeping Beauty related, what I got was entirely different: an introduction to a really cool magical land, and an action-packed quest with a great heroine!

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