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Review: Collision

Victor Dixen’s phenomenal Phobos trilogy comes to an explosive and astonishing end in the finale, Collision!

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Review: The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Today is the release day for the gorgeous The Ten Thousand Doors of January, and I’m still mulling over how best to put into words the utter heartfelt beauty of this wonderful book…

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Review: Brightfall

When I first heard that there was going to be a magical Robin Hood story that picked up years after the heyday of the Merry Men, and focused on Maid Marian as a hedgewitch, I was pretty much in shock, because you could not find a more perfect concept for me. I’m pleased to say that Brightfall was actually even better than I imagined, and has become a firm favourite I think I’ll return to many times over the years.

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TBR Check In: September 2019

Autumn’s here! Ish. I’m feeling cold, term is starting again for my husband, and I am feeling the urge to get the big blankets out, so hopefully September will have plenty of cosy days for reading. I’ve been continuing to make small changes around the blog, to follow my design update – most noticeably, I’ve added a page for my blog tour calendar so you can see what’s coming up!

Goodreads Reading Challenge


We’re over 300! I’m considering upping my goal to 500 for the year, but I know that would be a bit of a push with the amount of trips to London I’m taking over the autumn, which are likely to wipe me out for a few days at a time. I think I’ll see how quickly I hit 365 and go from there. 

I read 26 books in August, which is my lowest month all year (none of the others have even been under 30!). I didn’t read at all the week of WorldCon, and then I had one of the worst CFS crashes I’ve had in a while, so I probably didn’t read for about 12 days total. Still, I’m pleased I got anything read at all, and I did manage to tackle some big chonks (my last book of the month was Collision, at 776 pages in paperback!).

My Owned TBR

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Blog Tour: How To Love A Duke In Ten Days


If there’s one thing that makes me want to pick up a historical romance novel, it’s a good play on words in the title, so I couldn’t resist How to Love a Duke in Ten Days! It ended up not being at all what I thought, but I loved it regardless. There is some sensitive content, but it’s handled well, and sits within a very fun adventure!

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Book: How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

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Ownership: E-ARC sent by publisher free of charge. All opinions my own

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