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TBR Check In: November 2020

Well, October raced by, and despite a month of sleep deprivation, it looks like I got lots of reading done! I’m slightly dazed but very pleased!

Goodreads Reading Challenge

I actually managed to finish 31 books in October, which is fantastic! I must have slotted in a lot of reading time during naps, because the majority were even adult books, including three non-fiction books and one enormous fantasy chonk! I’m up to 276 for the year. I’m really hoping this is a return to form and I can keep this level of reading up – it will certainly help with the TBR, which is still needing a lot of intervention…

My Owned TBR

The TBR is down from 471 to 469, which is only a tiny bit of progress, and I decided for the first time to start tracking how many books actually came in this month, so that I can see how long they stay on the list. Between purchases, review copies, NetGalley books, and Kindle freebies, I added 55 books to my TBR this month. 10 of them I’ve already read, which is at least something, but I’m more than a little shocked! I have got to put the brakes on… maybe a book buying ban in November? I did do an enormous unhaul earlier in the month, and I also DNFed a lot of old Kindle freebie books, so at least the overall number has gone down, but I can’t believe how many new books that is (which is, to be fair, why I started tracking!).


I have 16 books awaiting review on NetGalley, and I submitted 17 reviews, so there’s actually been almost a total changeover of what the titles are! I’m most looking forward to tucking into Hit Me With Your Best Scot by Suzanne Enoch, which I was approved for this month – I loved the first two books in this series, It’s Getting Scot In Here and Scot Under The Covers.


Overall I think I read a very nice mix of things, though I’m still leaning heavily on historical romances as they don’t require me to retain as much information between reading sessions! I’m over the moon to see how much I’ve managed to read this month – here’s hoping it’s a trend that will continue… How was October for you, in terms of books?

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My #Hallowreadathon Recommendations

The Hallowreadathon is nearly upon us – it’s this coming weekend! If you didn’t see my announcement post, then hop over here to see the prompts!

The first prompt is to read a book with a prominent house, so I’ve scoured my shelves to show you some of my favourites that would be perfect for this, and a few I’m looking forward to… There’s pretty much no cohesion to these in genre or age range, but you’ll get a glimpse into my varied reading tastes!

Obviously my very first rec has to be the book that I’d probably pick as my all-time favourite if you absolutely forced me to choose – Howl’s Moving Castle! Yes, the house is technically a castle, but it’s always felt like a very small, home-y castle to me, so there. I’ve been rereading this most years since I was about 7 (you can see how well loved my copy is), and when Sophie steps through the door of the castle it always feels like coming home.

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Blog Tour: Midnight Magic

I’m a huge fan of Michelle Harrison’s middle grade books (see my reviews of A Pinch of Magic and A Sprinkle of Sorcery for why!) so I was really excited to be invited onto the blog tour for her first foray into chapter books – Midnight Magic is a rhyming tale of a girl and her pesky magical cat, told in verse and beautifully illustrated by Elissa Elwick!

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A Mini October TBR!

TBRs and I have a long history of not clicking. I’m a mood reader through and through, and really struggle to make myself pick up a book I’m not exactly in the right frame of mind for, so when I make a list I pick things I fancy at that moment, but they may not be what I want when I actually come to read. Trouble is, the only thing I’m really reaching for at the moment, as I mentioned in my monthly check in, is historical romance and middle-grade fantasy. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that at all – except that I have so many other brilliant books waiting for me on my shelves, some of which are due for review or need to be given back to the people I borrowed them from! 

I’m putting together a tiny list of books I need to make an effort to get to in the next few weeks. It’s tiny for two reasons – one, so I still have plenty of time to read as many comfort books as I fancy, and two, because two of them are well over 850 pages long. It’s not that these are books I don’t want to pick up – just ones that might require a little bit of discipline!

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