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Review: Our Bloody Pearl

A delightfully queer tale of soft pirates and fierce sirens, filled with kindness and adventure and excellent rep… Our Bloody Pearl is an absolutely treasure!

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Review: The Rage of Dragons

The Rage of Dragons is an epic, own-voices, African-inspired fantasy with a morally ambiguous protagonist you can’t help but be compelled by – but also a shocking absence of female characters with agency…

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Review: Dragon Age – Tevinter Nights

I don’t talk a lot about video games on here, but there’s one thing you need to know before you go into this review: I am a huge fan of the Dragon Age games. Dragon Age: Origins was one of the first games I ever fell in love with and really connected to, and the whole franchise holds a very dear place in my heart. I’ve collected all the novels set in this world (and I’m working on the comics) – so I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to review the new short story anthology, Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights!


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