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Review: Sorcery of Thorns

You ever have those books you put off reading because you know you ought to love them, but you’re worried they can’t possibly live up to your expectations? Sorcery of Thorns was one for me, but I bit the bullet and luckily, was rewarded with something even more perfect for me than I’d hoped!


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Blog Tour: Lord of Secrets

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I am always on the look out for fantasy with a sense of humour – not necessarily funny or satirical, but something light-hearted and entertaining, rather than depressing and stodgy. Grimdark is really not my cup of tea. So I was incredibly excited to hear about Lord of Secrets, which was described as light, funny, and heartwarming in its press release – and boy did it deliver that and so much more!

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Review: Fallible Justice

This book is, quite simply, astonishingly good! I came across it completely by chance on Twitter, and it turns out that not only is it a debut novel for the author, Laura Laakso, it’s also the first book from the publisher, Louise Walters Books, too! I’m so pleased to be able to support Fallible Justice from the start, because it’s just wonderful.

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