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Kitten Corner: New Chapter Books!

I suddenly realised there were so many new chapter books on my desk that I’d better tell you about some of them! As always, these books were sent to me free of charge for review by the publishers, but all opinions are my own.

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Kitten Corner: Chapter Books Galore!

I’m back with six more fabulous chapter books for your perusal! All of these were sent to me free of charge by Little Tiger and Nosy Crow, but that doesn’t affect my opinions. There’s a bit of magic, some lovely animals, and a whole lot of heart…

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Kitten Corner: Three Chapter Books

I have a real soft spot for chapter books – they have a mix of sweetness and exuberance that I find very endearing. These three books don’t have much in common beyond their genre – two are aimed at the younger end of the bracket and one a little older; one is fantastical, one contemporary, and one a whimsical mix of the two – but all three have that particular loveliness that makes them perfect for newly confident readers.

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Kitten Corner: Two Magical Reads

I never know how to categorise books aimed at newly confident readers – these aren’t quite as long as most chapter books, but they still have plenty of fun text to sink your teeth into, with full illustrations that keep the comfortable picture book feel and offer just as much as the words. Whatever you call this age range, here are two gorgeous new books that are full of magic and fun. Both were sent to me free of charge by Little Tiger Books, but my opinions are my own!

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