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Review: Master of Sorrows

So, this is a bit of a weird review: I know I posted a review of this book when I initially read it in January 2019, but when I went looking for the link to put into my review of book two, I can’t find it anywhere! So this is something of a re-review, slightly cobbled together with some thoughts from my original notes, and some from the reread I just did to prepare for reading the sequel. I’m baffled… but anyway, don’t let that distract from how much I loved Master of Sorrows!

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Review: Soulkeeper

I’m always in the mood for interesting new fantasy, but somehow I missed Soulkeeper when it first came out. With the sequel, Ravencaller, just out in March, Orbit were kind enough to send me over copies of both so I could catch up – and I’m glad they did, because Soulkeeper is a huge amount of fun!

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