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Review: Our Beautiful Game by Lou Kuenzler

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure that this book about early female footballers would be my cup of tea, but it’s actually a stunning piece of WW1 fiction for middle grade readers.

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Review: The Winter Garden by Alexandra Bell

A magical pleasure garden, a high-stakes competition, and two women battling society’s constraints – this had all the ingredients to be a charming historical fantasy, but it ended up being even more than that!

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Review: The Scapegracers

When I saw this gorgeous cover pop up on my Twitter feed, I was instantly intrigued by this book, and the blurb only sold me more – a queer, witchy story about supportive friends hexing rude guys sounded perfect! The Scapegracers ended up being not quite what I expected, but I think it’s a brilliant, and much needed, addition to the YA shelves. 

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Review: Business As Usual

By now you know I love Handheld Press and their dedication to reprinting work that has been unfairly forgotten. I was intrigued by the premise of Business As Usual, as it sounded like it might be similar to one of my favourites, Diary of a Provincial Lady – and though it’s definitely its own book, it’s just as delightful!

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