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Review: Lady Helena Investigates

While browsing NetGalley for something to read (because I clearly don’t have enough on my TBR as is…), Lady Helena Investigates caught my eye. As I mentioned in my review of Point of Honour, I’m not big on crime, but historical mysteries tend to get a pass because I enjoy the sociology aspect of them. So I requested this Victorian mystery, and it was lovely!

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Book Reviews

Review: The Bumblebee Flies Anyway

Since we moved into the house we currently live in, I’ve had more of an interest in gardening than ever before. I’ve got an array of kitchen herbs, pots of roses, two deeply rebellious buddleias, and thanks to my in-laws, a new row of tomato plants! As we rent, a lot of our plants are in pots on the patio, and so I was very interested to read Kate Bradbury’s book about rescuing a small paved garden. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

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